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Cobra 3 Wheeler
2004 Huffy 26
Road Master
LocationRochester, New York United States map
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Vehicle2007 Cobra Strike Pro, Three Wheeler.
3 Wheel Sprint Scooter.
This 3 wheeled scooter has been made from 3 Cobra scooters.
Motor Permanent Magnet DC
Twin 450 Watt Motors.
DrivetrainTwin 450 Watt Motors Chain Drive.
Right now I'm using two, 24 Volt, Output 40 Amps each. But will be converting to the 36 Volt 50 Amp output controllers.
Batteries4 Portalac 12 Amp Hr. H.D., 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Two 12s in center and one on each side to even out the weight.
System Voltage24 Volts
24 Volt Auto Charge in one hour.
HeaterThe Sun.
InstrumentationAs of now battery level on twist grip.
Top Speed25 MPH (40 KPH)
Gearing for higher top end will be
done. Has a lot of bottom end.
Acceleration0-25 mph in About 4 Seconds.
RangeUnknown as of now. Will have report as I am still testing.And will be upgrading
to 36 Volt System.
Watt Hours/MileUnknown as of now.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight0
Will have weight after I am done
with converting. Will Post at that time.
Conversion TimeSo far only 12 Hours. I have got a good amount done for a short amount of time.
Conversion CostI would say around $500.00.
Got good deal on the 3 Scooters.
Additional FeaturesHas 4 12 Volt 12 Ah battery hooked as 24 Volts. Has two 40 Amp controllers wired together and the motors are getting about 60 amps each.
I will be converting over to 36 Volt system, changing the controllers, and adding two more 12 Volt batteries. The 3 wheeler has a lot of bottom end and makes it hard to control. I'm working on more of a cruiser. Gearing to keep control and more top end speed will be one of my next steps along with converting to 36 Volt and new controllers. Will update as I move along.

Thanks for stopping and taking time.

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