Pulling the Wagon
OwnerDouglas Abbott
LocationProsper, Texas United States map
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Vehicle2007 70's CJ-5
Home built 1/2 scale fun kart. Mostly 3/4" MDF, 2x4's, and pvc pipe. Some oak and 3/16" steel plate where required.
MotorLEMCO LM170 Permanent Magnet DC
left over from a test lab's r&d project.
DrivetrainLive axle 13:1. Chain drive w/jack shaft
ControllerSevcon 4quad Millipak
330 amp w/regen. I am looking for a calibrator or program software.
Batteries3 GT-R, 12.00 Volt,
3 - 280cca U-1 Tractor Supply Company lawn tractor batteries @ $21 each I had to give them a try before going to somthing larger. So far so good.
System Voltage36 Volts
Chargerunknown 36 Volt
36 volt 2.0 amp scooter charger with red green/led for under $40.
HeaterNothing gets very warm.
InstrumentationHour Meter, Golf cart State of charge.
Top Speed3 MPH ( 4 KPH)
Limited by 13:1 gear ratio
AccelerationLimited by the controller ramp rate (1.5 sec = about 20 amps nominal). Perfect for a 3 year old.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Flat ground 3.8mph with adult and child is 7 amps. Max uphill is 40 amps. Have not run the batteries flat yet. Has been run 2 hrs continuous on single charge.
Watt Hours/Mile66 Wh/Mile
7 amps * 36 volts / 3.8 mph
EV Miles
Current:16 Miles (25 Kilometers)
Seating Capacityapparently 4 children. Designed for one adult, or two children.
Curb Weight240 Pounds (109 Kilograms)
180 lbs vehicle + 60 lbs batteries. A little heavier than the average Toys R Us sidewalk cars.
Tires15"x6" snow hog snow blower tires
Conversion Time60 hours to date. Estimate 30 more hours to finish the dash and windshield.
Conversion Cost$1100 not including free controller, motor, contactor, and wiring from sweeper/scrubber manufacturer's experimental lab.
Additional Features600ft range single channel remote transmitter connected in series with the key switch to provide emergency shut down from a distance. The transmitter/reciever was only $15 new from E-Bay and I would highly reccommend as a safety feature for children's EV's. Rack-and-pinion steering setup from a sand rail. Marker lights and mini Jerry cans, Tow hitch for wagon.

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