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OwnerBob Pinnick
LocationPhoenix, Arizona United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2002 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Longbed
I purchased used parts on eBay to build my S-10 electric
vehicle for $5200. including the purchase price of the
2002 S-10 truck. I built it at home in my garage after
work in 6 months. It drives me daily to work and home.
The solar panel in the bed charges while I am at work for
11 hours. I love driving an EV. It is possible to build and
EV on a low budget and have something great when you
are done. I drive it nearly everyday since I built it.
MotorAdvanced DC 203-06-4001 Series Wound DC
Used ADC motor purchased off eBay for $1007. including
DrivetrainThe used ADC 8" Motor coupled directly to the 5 speed
transmission. No clutch, a small motor coupler to
transmission spline adapter reduces the spinning mass, I
had a welding shop make the coupler for $140 using an
old clutch spline. Grinding off the pilot shaft and using
the coupler allows a 3/4 inch thick plate of scrap
aluminum ($25.) to join the motor and transmission
housing without spacers or an expensive kit. That saved
me probably $1000. I locked the transmission in 2nd
gear. Top speed = 43.6 mph. with nice accelleration.
ControllerCurtis 1209B-6402
Used Curtis 400 amp 48-72 volt controller purchased off
eBay for $420.
Batteries6 Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle D34/78-950, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Used Optima yellow tops purchased off Craigslist in Phoenix $430. for 6 nearly perfect batteries.
System Voltage72 Volts
Chargerunknown Adjustable 48-72 volt charger
Used adjustable output 6 amps 72 volt charger, or 12 amps at 48 volts. purchased off eBay for $160. Charges the 72 volt battery pack overnight and doesn't hit me
hard in electricity bills.
HeaterPhoenix Arizona. 112 degree summer days.
DC/DC ConverterCableform 72 volt to 12 volt @ 30amps
Used Cableform DC/DC converter works great, keeps a
small lawn and garden battery fully charged for the
headlights, blinkers, radio, etc. Purchased on eBay for
InstrumentationGarmin Street Pilot in dash in place of speedometer
cluster, works fine and receives satellite without difficulty
in dash, gives top speed, instant speed, and street maps.
Top Speed43 MPH (69 KPH)
The S-10 electric conversion drives me daily in my
community that has a speed limit of 40mph. I drive to
work and back daily. The solar panel charges the 6
Optima batteries while I am at work for 11 hours. The
truck is fully charged and I drive it home. Then I charge it
overnight with a plug in charger.
Acceleration0-10 mph slow, 10 to 40mph perky and fun, I keep up
with traffic just fine, however starting out up hill at a
stoplight is like my old VW Rabbit with the A/C on.
RangeNot sure about the range, I have driven the truck now
some 350 miles (not all at once) and never have run the
batteries down. I drive uphill to work 3 miles at 35mph
while using 200 amps and still have 3/4 full on the bar
graph. I get in after the sun charges the solar panel at
work all day and the battery is full. I drive home downhill
and only use one bar or about 7/8 full.
Watt Hours/MileSince I started charging my truck about 4 months ago, I
haven't seen any increase in my electric bill, I am not one
to make outrageous claims, however my bill actually went
down from last year (each month so far) about the
amount I would think it should go up? I think it must be
that I haven't been heating my jacuzzi as much?
EV Miles
Current:375 Miles (603 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity3 adults on the bench seat, no back seat.
Curb Weight0
I haven't ever weighed it. I did remove the gas tank and
exhaust, and everything related to the gas engine.
TiresStandard 15" Cheap street tires at 40 psi.
Conversion Time6 Months after work.
Conversion CostUsed parts and nuts and bolts, wiring, etc. $4200. plus
S-10 glider $1000. = $5200 total
Additional FeaturesSolar panel 39X39 inches, 90 Volts DC mounted in bed of truck.
Vacuum pump brake booster on with stop lights using a relay.
Transmission locked in second gear.
Reversing contactor to reverse.
Instant 300 Amp meter, and 100 Volt meter, in center console.
3 emergency 300 amp disconnects in line with traction battery, under hood, center
console, and traction battery - post.
300 amp fuse on traction battery + post.
Digital bar graph volt meter fuel gauge measures average battery condition.
Super loud Pioneer stereo with small subwoofer and 4 high performance speakers.
Viper alarm system with remote door locks.
radar detector,
Best fun I ever had building something myself. I recommend to everyone, please
drive GREEN, and save the air we breathe. For more information go to ebay and
search for solartruck.

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