OwnerDavid Arrigo
LocationSt. Julian's, Malta Malta map
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The Barchetta in petrol version ( Barchetta 595) (racing version Barchetta SS Group 2) and electric version (Barchetta V72 Eco-Electric) are constructed from the late 1980's Polish built Fiat 126 BIS. Bodies are made in Malta by CARROZZERIA-ARRIGO-MALTA. The entire vehicle is custom made.
The body is removed and all running gear is stripped and replaced by new parts. The excellent 126 chassis is sandblasted and strengthened and fitted with a new composite
(glass fibre and kevlar) lightweight (for electric and racing cars) body. Street petrol cars are fitted with 126 air cooled 650 cc motors. Race cars with 750 Group 2 modified air cooled 126 engines.
MotorAdvanced DC
72 volt D.C. motor. DC series 6kw continuous 10k peak.
DrivetrainOriginal transmission and clutch kept. 4 Speed manual rear wheel drive
wired for regenerative braking
Batteries6 Dyno Europe, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
Fitted 4 between the rear wheel arches and two in front for even weight distribution.
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerZivan NG
on board
DC/DC Converter
60v to 12v
Tires135x12 Goodyear.
In order to keep the restoration hobby going we custom build the Barchettas to order, in petrol, electric and racing versions. Vehicles are delivered with EU documentation in the customer's name. Build time is six months. Detachable hard top versions available. Production to date is 15 cars with orders in hand. A very exclusive car that attracts more attention and photographs than a Ferrari. A perfect fun car, especially on a sunny Mediterranean island like Malta. I use one of my fleet every day, all year round. Currently considering converting the four suicide door Cinquecento 500's, that have been waiting to be restored for years, to electric cars using a Perm 132-24 72 v pancake motor. We are also involved in the Grand Prix de Malte for Historic cars. see WebPage and WebPage We hope to introduce an Electric Car Race in 2009 at a new, unique and exciting location in Europe.E-mail me for more info.

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