OwnerJohn Bisby
Owner's Other EV1992 Daihatsu Charade
LocationPerth, Western Australia Australia map
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Vehicle1996 Mitsubishi
tray top ute
MotorKostov Series Wound DC
twin motors
DrivetrainChain drive between motors, then direct drive to 4.875 diff
ControllerCafe Electric Zilla
2000 Amp
Batteries40 Optima 750 DS, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Yellow Top
System Voltage240 Volts
ChargerZivan NG5
Two NG5 chargers fitted.
HeaterCeramic 240VDC with mosfet switch.
DC/DC Converter Cosel (Made in Japan)
45 Amp
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
Range37 Miles (59 Kilometers)
with both battery packs
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight4,400 Pounds (1,999 Kilograms)
with both battery packs
Tires15" light truck
Conversion Time1 year (2001-2002)
Conversion CostA lot
Additional FeaturesSeries parallel switched motors. Uses alternative idea for main contactor - two SW200's in series with a 400V 1000uF low ESR capacitor (with discharge resistor) across one contactor. The capacitor snuffs the arc on that contactor, then the second contactor provides complete isolation. Baldor 180VDC motor with custom built controller for driving power steer pump and traction motors cooling fan. 4 wheel disc brakes. One string of batteries is optional - removable as a modular unit

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