OwnerKirk Reinkens
LocationSpokane, Washington US map
Vehicle1961 Ford Econline Pickup
3/4 ton cab over pickup - probably not really 3/4 ton :)
Motor Dayton 31331F 3-Phase AC
2, 10hp motors
Drivetrain6-cylinder, 144 (74 HP max), 3-on-the-tree
ControllerSiemens 25HP Industrial Controller
Free from friend - demo model from VFD sales
Batteries40 TBD, 0.00 Volt,
System Voltage400 Volts
Charger TBD
VFD Primary via 240-480 transformer (lots to learn here)
Zener Regulators for basic protection
DC/DC Converter TBD
Seating Capacity3 - no ICE mean three abreast in the cab!
Conversion TimeMental Start Date: some time in 2005
Physical Start Date: February 2008
Conversion Cost2 - matching 10hp motors = $350
1 - free 25hp controller =
Additional FeaturesTBD
What kind of a person would want to convert a 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup into an electric vehicle? ME! One of the first, if not the FIRST, cars my twin brother and I drove around was a 1962 Ford Econoline 5-window pickup my Dad had picked up. He didn't buy extravagantly, he usually purchased things that met the needs at the time. He must have bought it around 1979.

We loved driving this pickup (insert picture), it was really light in the rear and would spin that one tire like crazy ļ. It was black, white & red, and beat up down the drivers side. We didn't have to do much work to it, but we may have rebuilt it. We pretty much always drove what was left around house/farm. Our friends called it the chicanoline, no real reference to farm workers here, just a slight reference to the junk we seemed to drive. Although that may not make the reference more polite to some of our friends at the time, I think it might have been more jealousy because we had wheels to get around in.

In 2005 I purchased a 1961 Ford Econoline 5-window pickup that was not running. Body was not horrible. We pulled the engine and found it locked up with a loose and bent piston rod had caused a quick stop.

The good:
- I love this truck my wife thinks it is ugly she may be right! However, it will make an EV that I will be happy to drive everyday!
- It is light, about 2700 lbs curb weight with a GVW of 3600 lbs and max GVW of 4350 lbs losing 200-400 lbs of engine might leave 1400-2000 lbs for motor, controller & batteries!
- Simple in design, open underneath and in the cab - easy to work on good for electric conversion

The bad:
-Body repair and paint possibilities
-Some parts hard to find

Performance Goals (2/9/08)
-Top speed: 70 mph
-Range: 40-80 miles
-Acceleration: 0-60 10sec (stock acceleration six cylinder)
-Wh/mile: 400

The NEW ideas (2/9/08)
-Controller: 18.5 kW (constant torque) 22? (variable torque) Siemens Midimaster vector controller, 380-500 V 3PH input, 49A V Output: 0-input voltage, typical industrial VFD V constant or variable torque selectable
-Motors: 2-10 HP 3PH, 230/480V explosion proof, 1755 RPM @ 60 Hz, weight=?, size, etc.
-Solectria S-10 style setup for motors/differential, reverse mount, belt driven reduction to driveline and differential.
-Batteries mounted under bed and cab. 40 12V 22Ah (40Ah)?
-Controller mounted in cab under new dog-house.
-Disc break upgrade: Front and Rear with vacuum assist. May change to rear end with disc already?
-Clutch pedal to be used for regeneration control: Breaking resistor OR Batteries
-Possible graphic interface for instrumentation and controller.
-Charger: VFD primary charging, may need 240v to 500v 1PH transformer to provide supply to LINE terminals for this. (3-5 Amps) (Refer to Red-Suzi-evalbum) WebPage
-Max Speed: 75 mph = 6600/min
-Differential ratio = 3.50:1
-2 - 10hp motor

code by jerry