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OwnerPatrick Leclerc
LocationOtterburn Park, Quebec Canada map
Vehicle2008 Monza
MotorCrystalyte 406
DrivetrainFront-mounted 26" Hub motor
ControllerCrystalyte 20A 36V
Batteries1 8Ah Nexcell 3C Max Rate by Renaissance Bicycles, 41.00 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerHigh Power 36v 3A -- Extruded Aluminium
InstrumentationRenaissance bicycles (aka e-bikes) CycleAnalyst v2.0
Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
Achieved driving downhill at -20 degrees Celsius while wearing boots, coat, helmet with a taillight and radio installed.
AccelerationAs good as a car in residential areas.
Range23 Miles (37 Kilometers)
Much better result could be obtained during the summer months and without the on board computer plugged in.
Watt Hours/Mile9 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:54 Miles (86 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
TiresFront --> Kenda KWest 26 inch "slick" tire (no tread -- reduced road resistance)
Rear --> Cheng Shin 24 inch Mountain bike tire
Conversion TimeAbout 6 Months including shipping, repairs and finding a bike.
Conversion CostAbout 900$ CAD minus the cost of the bicycle
Additional Features--Emerson AM/FM Radio with Horn
--New fuse connector
This e-bike, minus the electric parts, a few screws and the front tire, is made entirely of recycled materials. The acrylic is something I found in the basement and turned into the casing, the bicycle itself is second hand as well as the rack and radio.

The FWD nature of the hub motor makes the bike a 2x2 (4x4 but on only two wheels) so the off road capabilities are absolutely astonishing!

code by jerry