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LocationDallas/Fort Worth, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1991 BMW 318is
2 Door Coupe
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
The WarP 9" diameter series wound DC Motor has a double ended shaft and is similar to the ADC 9" motor, but with several improvements. Of the most notable changes is that the have a larger com bar and utilize the large GE style brushes.
One hour HP Rating = 28 HP at 89 volts (HP dramatically increases as voltage is increased)
DrivetrainRear wheel
ControllerCurtis 1231C-8601
Curtis Controller model 1231C-8601, 96-144VDC, 500 Amps max, 0 to 5 k/ohm input
Used for on-road vehicles and other Higher Voltage, High Amp Applications. Infinitely variable throttle control, high pot input lockout, low voltage and high temperature current cutback. The "C" models use frequency shifting to reduce the operating frequency from 15kHz when the PWM output is less than ~15%. Frequency shifting improves the current limit control and also helps protect the controller when the motor is in near-stall conditions.
Batteries12 Exide ORB34DC-36, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Exide Technologies Orbital AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery

The Ultimate marine deep cycle & starting battery in one package. Sealed, spillproof AGM spiral wound technology. Built for performance in the toughest environments.

* Marine deep cycle & starting AGM
* Sealed and spillproof
* Group 34 size
* 750 cca, 100 minutes rc
* spiral wound lead recombination
* MFG Brand Name : Exide Technologies
* MFG Model # : ORB34DC-36
* MFG Part # : ORB34DC-36
* Usage : Marine
* Assembled Depth (In Inches) : 10.25"
* Assembled Height (In Inches) : 8.19"
* Assembled Weight (In LBS) : 41
* Assembled Width (In Inches) : 7"
* Battery Milliamp-Hour : 0
* Battery Voltage : 12Volts
* Charge Time : 1 Hr.
* Energy Star Compliant : False
* Rechargeable : Yes
System Voltage144 Volts
Charger Energenx Model 72-144
Experimental Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-45 Amp
The DLS series converter/power supply can be used with or without a battery. When used as a converter/power supply, the DLS model will only supply what is required by the load. When not in use it is essentially off, reducing electricity usage. Even in its subcompact size, the DLS series converter/power supply, at full load, has an operating temperature half that of some switch mode electronic models. This means substantially longer life and safer operation.
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
I have a screen shot of GPS
RangeUnknown - still testing
Watt Hours/MileUnknown - still testing
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight0
Conversion Time10hrs for car purchase and removing engine

2 months ordering and waiting for parts

50 to 60 hours of labor spread out over a couple of months
Conversion CostCar $500
Engine Puller $130
Motor $1900
Motor Adapter Plate $500
Controller $1400
Battery Charging System $1300
DC/DC Converter $145.49
Liquid Display $41.95
PakTrakr Battery Monitoring System $278
Exide Orbital Batteries $2700
2 450 amp Fuses $108.99
2 Contactors $159.65
Throttle PB-5 0-5K Lever $76.50

Total $9,240.58
Additional FeaturesCrystalfontz Liquid Crystal Display
Parallel Character LCD 8x2, RoHS Compliant,
Yellow/Green LED Backlight, STN Positive,
Yellow/Green, Transflective -20�C - +70�C 6:00
* Very wide viewing angles
* 8-bit or 4-bit parallel interface
* Industry-standard HD44780 compatible controller
* RoHS Compliant

PakTrakr Current Sensor
An easy to install Hall-effect current sensor adds
additional functionality to your PakTrak 600 or
PakTrakr 800 systems. Unlike a shunt resistor
system, the PakTrakr current sensor is completely
isolated from the pack, wastes no energy, and may be
installed anywere in the pack.

PakTrakr 600
PakTrakr Display and one 6-battery Remote, for
monitoring six 6V, 8V, or 12V lead-acid batteries.
Monitor additional batteries by adding one or more
6-battery Remotes

PakTrakr 6-battery Remote
Monitor 6 additional 6V, 8V, or 12V lead-acid
batteries by adding this 6-battery Remote to your
PakTrakr System. Use up to 5 Remotes per system, to
monitor up to 30 batteries.

Throttle PB-5 0-5K Lever
In stainless case with calibrated lever.
The potbox is the throttle in an EV. It tells the
controller how much current is needed to be sent to
the motor. The potbox's lever arm is attached to the
existing accelerator cable. The box translates foot
pressure into a variable resistance to let the
controller know how fast you want to go.

Fuse, Buss Class "T" 450 amps
These fuses have a high arc interrupt rating and are
specially designed to break and smother a direct
current arc when the fuse blows. Voltage: Up to 160
volts VDC

Contactor, SW-200CW W/ Blowouts 12 Volt Coil
The SW200 Series of Contactors has been designed for
direct current loads, particularly motors as used on
larger electric vehicles such as industrial trucks,
airport tractors, etc.

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