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OwnerTim Kutscha
Owner's Other EV1975 Porsche 914
LocationPortland, Oregon United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1992 Honda Civic DX
4-door sedan
MotorNetgain Warp9 Series Wound DC
double shaft with Zolox sensor mounted on tail.
DrivetrainManual Transmission, standard D15B7 engine
Controller Synkromotive DC-700
This is a Beta Test unit from Synkromotive that uses the factory TPS from the Civic and a Kilovac contactor.
Batteries12 Concorde GPL 31-T, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
The car can take any 12V group-31 AGM batteries, so perhaps I'll try Odyssey PC2150s in the future.
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerBelktronix Gen 1.5
Charger is part of the Belktronix holistic system. It runs off 120V AC and pulls 1200 watts. The Batmon circuits at each battery equalize charge and tell the charger when to taper off. I highly recommend purchasing a Gen 2.0 system if you decide to buy a Belktronix charging system.
Heaternone anticipated due to global warming. Will wear a heavy sweater in winter.
DC/DC ConverterBelktronix Gen 1.5
This is integrated with the charger in the Belktronix system. Puts out 50 amps.
InstrumentationLink-10 Emeter. Zolox speed sensor on Warp9 tailshaft tied to controller for overspeed protection. PakTrakr for battery monitoring. PakTrakr and Synkromotive controller have USB connections into a small HP netbook.
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
I could possibly go faster, but I don't want to get a ticket.
AccelerationQuite reasonable and similar to the original ICE.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
This is probably the max range. I can probably get 22 miles at 55mph on the freeway. More at slower speeds.
Watt Hours/Mile250 Wh/Mile
This is average at 55mph.
EV Miles
Start:242,000 Miles (389,378 Kilometers)
Current:247,139 Miles (397,646 Kilometers)
Total:5,139 Miles (8,268 Kilometers)
    As of 2/5/2010
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight3,000 Pounds (1,363 Kilograms)
Initially the car was 2200 pounds.
TiresStock Civic Tires
Conversion TimeSeveral Months, but that includes blogging and documenting the process.
Conversion Cost$1650 for Warp9
$1200 est. for Belktronix Charger
$1100 for Synkromotive controller
$865 for ElectroAuto adapter plate
$175 for 2/0 welding cable
$100 for battery lugs
$2100 for batteries
$360 vacuum pump for brakes
$80 main fuse
$200 PakTrakr
$??? for steel, welding, wires, etc...

Total for all parts (except car) was about $10,000
Additional FeaturesTo save weight and reduce complexity, the power steering was modified into manual steering by looping back the hydraulic hoses and bypassing the steering valve. The power brakes are supported by a MES vacuum pump system from Metric Mind.
This conversion project is part of an open-source effort to make an easy-to-install EV conversion kit for a common car. It was inspired by Bob Bath's "CivicWithACord" and the VoltsPorsche installation instructions from ElectroAuto. The intent is to make converting a Civic easy enough for anyone with moderate mechanical skills to get more EVs on the road. Blog is at WebPage The instruction manual (in process) is posted in the "pages" section at the "Civic EV Kit" Google Group at WebPage Many thanks to everyone in the community who is helping with this effort.

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