Battery, motor, and controller mounting.
OwnerScott Tanner
LocationGreenville, California United States map
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Vehicle1990 Kawasaki Ninja
1990 750 Ninja.
MotorPerm Motor 132 Permanent Magnet DC
DrivetrainDirect chain drive. 14t drive 60t driven
ControllerAlltrax 7234
Batteries20 Thunder Sky 60ah, 3.30 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
System Voltage66 Volts
ChargerZivan NG1
Zivan for on board charger. Also use a BCO balancing
charger to keep cell balanced.
HeaterCalifornia sun
InstrumentationCycle analyst.
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
My average ride is 35 miles at average 45 to 50 mph and on
the last stretch of road I can still reach 60 mph. Much better
than I ever dreamed.
Accelerationabout the same as an average car.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Efective range is 50 miles. After 60 miles I am doing a Fred
Flintstone. My average ride is 35 miles and uses about 18 amp
Watt Hours/Mile29 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:33,876 Miles (54,506 Kilometers)
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Total:-33,876 Miles (-54,506 Kilometers)
    As of 11/14/2012
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight0
Not sure yet. But less than a stock 750 Ninja.
TiresStock Ninja tires
Conversion TimeLots. Lost track along time ago. Spent alot of time getting
doner in shape and waiting for batteries. This winter I am
going to tear her down and tweek everything.
Conversion CostAbout $6,000.00 ($2,400.00 for batteries $850.00 for two
chargers). Need to add up receipts.
If you are planning on building an EV pay a little more and get a nice donor. I spent a lot
time and money to get the bike in shape. Lithium is worth the extra money if you can
swing it but you will need a BMS (more expense I didn,t alow for) and there is alot to
about lithium before you take the plunge.

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