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Vehicle1990 Ford Mercury Capri SA 2
People we have done our first EV Grin today, check out the video on youtube or for more info go to www.gowda.com.au.
MotorNetgain 8 inch Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 Speed Manual Gearbox, No Clutch
ControllerCurtis 1231C
Batteries45 Thunder Sky LFP90AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
System Voltage144 Volts
Charger is made by EV POWER, AUSTRALIA
Heater2 in 1 Ceramic Heater and Fan - 12 Volt

Plug this 2 in 1 Ceramic Heater and Fan into any 12V source to defrost wind shields or to provide auxiliary heating. Complete with instant heat, automatic temperature control, safe PTC ceramic heater with 2800 PTU powerful output and much more you have the power to do what you want with this great tool!


2 in 1 Ceramic Heater and Fan.
12v 150 Watt
2800 PTU Powerful Output
Brand new and unused - Complete with original packaging
Includes mounting hardware
Heats quickly
Automatic Temperature Control
Lightweight, Safe and Durable
Includes 2 meter wire with Lighter Plug
Separate switches for FAN-OFF-HEATER
DC/DC Converter EV POWER 144-288 VDC (nom.) to 13.5VDC 36A Convert
This high quality switchmode DC-DC converter is ideal for driving the auxiliary circuit of an electric vehicle with a battery pack of nominal voltage 144V - 288VDC. No 12V auxiliary battery is required although it can also act as a battery charger with a suitable diode on the output.

Input voltage 124-350VDC
Output voltage adjustable from 12-15VDC.
Rated output 486W enough for headlights and auxiliaries.
95 x 120 x 185mm
Inbuilt fan operates automatically as load increases. Silent at low loads and quiet even at high loads.
Overload protection via current limiting.
Isolated output for added safety.
Remote control of power on/off
Australian C-Tick approval.
InstrumentationTBS E-Xpert Pro Battery Fuel Gauge

All the information you need to keep your EV on the road. TBS E-Xpert Pro Battery Monitor is an all in one device which provides:

Instantaneous Battery Voltage (2 batteries)
Instantaneous Battery Current
Amp Hours Consumed
Percentage Battery capacity or time remaining
Bar graph display of battery fuel level
Low voltage or low battery level Alarm function
USB computer interface for datalogging.
relay output for low battery disconnect.
Made in the Netherlands with obvious quality
Includes gauge and 500A current shunt resistor.

The TBS E-Xpert range is also well suited to marine applications where two battery banks may be monitored.

The E-Xpert Pro by itself is suitable for voltages up to 35VDC. A 10:1 prescaler enables it to measure up to 350VDC

EV Power 10:1 Prescaler for TBS E-Xpert Pro
Allows the TBS E-Xpert Pro to measure voltages up to 350V DC.
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
I have tested the car and have been surprised how quickly I can get to the 100 Kms per hour mark and the max the car gets up to currently is 120Km per hour.

Very pleased with the result so far.
Acceleration100kms an hour in 3rd gear from starting has been reached
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
Batteries are still being balanced so it is not accurate yet. I will update this soon.
EV Miles
Start:301,371 Miles (484,905 Kilometers)
Current:303,240 Miles (487,913 Kilometers)
Total:1,869 Miles (3,007 Kilometers)
    As of 4/2/2010
Seating Capacity4 Seats including Driver
Curb Weight2,376 Pounds (1,080 Kilograms)
Current Kerb Weight 1080kgs, Front 660kgs, Rear 420kgs
TiresPumped to 40 psi
Conversion CostCurrently $33000.00
Additional FeaturesMASTER CONTROL UNIT

The TS90 system consists of Cell Modules, one for each cell, and a master control unit. The cell modules perform the balancing function and also monitor the voltage of each cell in the battery.

The TS90 Master Control Unit oversees the battery pack. It interfaces with the cell modules via a one wire interface. Control of charging and discharging can be done to prevent overcharge and over-discharge. There is an internal alarm as well as NC/NO contacts to activate or deactivate external devices.

The system is designed to work in unison with the TBS E-Xpert Pro battery fuel gauge. This provides comprehensive battery state-of-charge information.

Supply Voltage 36-350VDC (HV model), 12-36VDC (LV model)
Supply Power 3.5W max. @ 144VDC
170 x 120 x 55mm
Charger Relay (Relay is closed when system is OK and the Reset button has been pressed) Contacts: NO/COM , Max Voltage: 250VAC / 24VDC, Max Current: 20A
Load/Alarm Relay (Relay is active/closed when the system is OK) Contacts: NO/NC/COM, Max Voltage: 30VDC, Max Current:10A


Lithium Ion batteries require cell balancing during charging and protection from over-charge and over-discharge.

The TS-90 Battery Balancing System has been developed specifically for large format Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries such as Thunder Sky LFP series. It can also work with other Lithium Iron Phosphate battery brands with minimal modification.

We have a policy of continuous product improvement so good products are getting better every day.
I purchased this vehicle on the 31/08/2008 in Sydney, drove it back to Brisbane and I am in the process of sourcing the components. I will update the fields as and when I progress further with the conversion.

I have just ordered the Motor Netgain 8inch, although I would have liked the 9inch impulse, reason being there is a waiting period of over 2 months.

UPDATE: 5th of October 2008

People that have helped and inspired where possible.

Kearon from EVCAPRI for his videos and making the time to meet up with me and show his progress when I was down in sydney and also help with sourcing EV info and putting me in touch with the people mentioned below.
Thanks Kearon

Les for the netgain 8 inch motor and other bits and speaking with Geoff regarding adapter plate.
Thanks Les

Geoff for building the adapter plate and other bits that go with it and also for couriering it to QLD as he was coming for a holiday.
Thanks Geoff


Curtis Controller and potbox with other bits and pieces have arrived from Bylong Industries

Motor, adapter plate and few other bits have arrived in queensland from nsw.

I have just removed the engine and other bits from the car today.

UPDATE: 15th October 2008

I have now installed the motor with the adaptor plate to the gearbox.

Watch the Video Instalments on youtube under EV COOL CAPRI

Update 3rd March 2009
Most of the Parts are now installed. Waiting on Batteries now about 6 weeks, hopefully.

This week end is cable and lug installation time.

UPDATE 9th June 2009

People we have done our first EV Grin today, check out the video or for more info go to www.gowda.com.au.

UPDATE 12th August 2009

I have been given a list of things from my engineer to do inorder for it to get through the transport department. I am nearly finished doing them.

UPDATE 11th March 2010

I have now completed the conversion and it is now being used as a regular everyday work and I am a realtor.

Thanks once again everybody for all your positive feedback and support throughout the building process.

If you like to know what else has been happenning since our conversion please go to www.gowda.com.au for the current news.

Richard Gowda

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