OwnerJames H. Brown Jr.
Owner's Other EVFree Spirit Bike Conversion
LocationCalifornia United States map
custom built
MotorSkil-Saw Model 77 Series Wound DC
Skil-Saw worm-drive circular saw motor
Drivetrain(primary) worm reduction (Final) free wheel sprocket/chain
on/off two speed electro-mechanical (solenoids and switch)
Batteries12.00 Volt,
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerForetress Scientific
24 Volt 5 Amp
InstrumentationSeat of Pants/ wind stinging in eyes at speed
Top Speed25 MPH (40 KPH)
wild version, 12 MPH mild version
Range9 Miles (14 Kilometers)
depends on weight of rider and terrain
Seating CapacityNone (You ride standing up)
Curb Weight65 Pounds (29 Kilograms)
with batteries, 25 pounds with batteries removed
Tires6 inch semi-pneumatic with ball bearing hub
The ZOOMIE BOARD was conceived by a 12 year old female, as her science fair/invention project. It won first place (it was not motorized at the time). It is still technically a 'work in progress' design, as we are still testing various motors on it. It attracts attention whenever she rides it. A detailed information packet is available at the website.

code by jerry