OwnerClarence Fairbanks
LocationGrandview Heights, Ohio United States map
Vehicle1999 Schwinn
MotorCurrie Brushless DC
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
System Voltage24 Volts
InstrumentationI mounted a volt meter so I would have some warning when the battery was getting low, doesn't work well for that, and to see how the motor use effected the voltage, for which it serves well. I used a standard 15V Panel meter movement WebPage /> and biased it with a 9V battery so it measures 9-24 V. To determine the actual voltage, I need to add 9 to the reading, but this is not as much trouble as one might think. I am usually worried about the drop from full anyway.
Top Speed18 MPH (28 KPH)
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile24 Wh/Mile
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight72 Pounds (32 Kilograms)
TiresKnobby 1.95 trail tires. Switching to hybrid.
Additional FeaturesThe top edges of the basket are wrapped with an old inner tube. I figure the car I save may be my own.

It will carry up to 40 lbs. of groceries.

I got an e-bike 8 years ago. When our second car went bad, I decided to use it for short trips around town rather than get another car. It will carry up to 40 lbs. of groceries.

Here it is in the grocery configuration:

It cost me about $950 at the time. Now, you can get a similar drive system on probably a cheaper bike from WalMart for about $400. I would recommend something with a hub motor and Lithium batteries if you were to buy it today.

code by jerry