Adaptor PlateCeramic Heating ElementThe motor is in...PV Solar panels now on roof.Completed battery frame.Undercar wiringCompleted engine bay.
LocationAdelaide, South Australia Australia map
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Vehicle1985 Holden Barina MB
(Suzuki Swift - Geo Metro) was 1.3L 4 cyl.
Starting at 155,510 Km (approx. 96,650
MotorNetgain Hyper 9 HV Double Shaft 3-Phase AC
I am replacing the brushed DC motor (advanced DC
X91-4001) with the New Hyper 9 High Voltage
DrivetrainUsing original 5 speed gearbox but no
clutch. Front wheel drive. The clutch
plate is being used in the construction
of the motor to gearbox coupling so that
the springs in the clutch plate will be
Take off in second gear and change to
fourth gear for driving at more than
70km/h. Very rarely use first gear(steep
car park ramps only).
ControllerNetGain Controls Comes with Hyper 9 HV motor
((The weak Kelly KDH14500 has now been
replaced with the new Australian made ZEVA
MC600S controller which goes very well)).
Now replaced the ZEVA MC600S with the Netgain 3
phase controller that comes with the Hyper 9 HV
motor. (190004 km)
Batteries78 WS-NCM75AH , 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Ion
((Lithium Iron Phosphate arriving in January
I have now replaced the Thundersky TS-LFP90AHA
cells (130V 90Ah 12kWh) with Westart NMC cells
(144V 150Ah 23kWh) in the same space. The new
cells are Lithium nickel, manganese cobalt oxide
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
(Lithium program) plus EV Power's BATTMON
Battery Management System for Lithium
Heater120V ceramic element gutted from a ceramic
heater off eBay in the USA. Installed.
Works extremely well - mounted in original
heater box.
DC/DC Converter TC Charger
((Was...Mean Well SP-500-13.5 120-370DC to
13.5VDC, 36A (adjustable voltage output &
this unit will charge auxiliary battery)
The above unit failed after 2 years of
I have now installed a 144V-12V 30Amp unit
from EV Power. The model is TDC144V/12V
made by TC Charger.
InstrumentationDigital 12V instrument.
TBS E-Xpert Pro
Battery Fuel Gauge with 5:1 prescaler
for the 120V system. This system works
extremely well.
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
This car's top speed is more than 90Km/hr.
(>56Mph). I have found a road yet that I can
go faster than this. I'm predicting that it
will do about 130km/hr (81 mph)
AccelerationVery quick with the Netgain Hyper 9 HV motor!
Range53 Miles (85 Kilometers)
The range is about 85km. This is allowing
the batteries to discharge to no less than
20% state of charge
Watt Hours/Mile230 Wh/Mile
Approx 143Whr/km (230Whr/mile). Using a
KWh meter in the 240V charging inlet.
This figure is for charging the main pack
and the 12 volt auxiliary battery.
EV Miles
Start:96,650 Miles (155,509 Kilometers)
Current:118,063 Miles (189,963 Kilometers)
Total:21,413 Miles (34,453 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults or one adult and one dog, or 2
adults and one dog.
Curb Weight1,808 Pounds (821 Kilograms)
Started out at 740Kgs (1600lbs) and is now
820 Kgs (1808lbs)
Tires12" rims, standard tyres pumped up tight.
Conversion TimeCommencing August 2008 - First Completed
September 2010
Continuing upgrades in 2020...
Conversion CostToo much !
Additional FeaturesInstalled MES-DEA 70/6E Electric Vacuum Pump
(from ZEVA) for the power brakes.
These are expensive and specifically manufactured
for EVs, but come with the pressure switch
inbuilt and can be used without a vacuum reservoir.
I have made the vacuum reservoir using an 800mm length
of 50mm PVC-U pressure (thick walled - 3.3mm) pipe and
pressure end caps.
(Approx. 2 Litres volume)
(Int. diam.=54mm, Ext. diam.=60.5mm)
Sept 2008: I have only just started to strip the donor
car. I have removed the back seat, making it a 2 seater.
The battery box will fit where the back seat was.

Oct 2008: The engine is now ready to be removed. I have
now removed 80kg of useless equipment from the car. I am
cleaning up the engine bay, minor rust marks from spilt
battery acid and spilt brake fluid, then repainting these

Nov 5, 2008: The engine (57Kg) is now out and the
gearbox(transaxle (27Kg)) has been detached and the clutch
plate retained. Thank you Scott (and Jason) for the engine
hoist loan.

Nov 12, 2008: The motor has arrived and Hammat Precision
Engineering are constructing the adapter plate and coupler
(Thank you Ray)

Nov 13, 2008: The drive shaft are being repaired - boots
and repacking. This is being done by GMR Motors (Thank you

January 2009: The adator plate has been completed and the
coupler is now nearly ready. There are still a few more
mechanical bits to work out, but getting closer.

January 19, 2010: The motor and gearbox with all the
associated new parts: adapter, coupler, end support
bracket, intermediate shaft bracket, tacho sender support
and tacho interrupter have arrived back from the engineers
shop. Next step borrow the crane to put it all in the car!

January 28, 2010: The motor is now in and has been tested
driving the wheels (on 12 volts).

February 17, 2010: Requested Certified Engineer check out
what progress I have made so far. Waiting on his approval
of my battery frame design.

February to September 2010: Too busy to update EVALBUM.

September 26, 2010 (Our 29th Wedding Anniversary). The
conversion is now complete. Waiting on the engineer to
write final report so that this can be passed on to
"Regency" for the final inspecting half way through

October 21, 2010: The car passed through the Regency Park
inspection without any problems. Yeh !
The EV is now registered as an electric car for use on
Australian roads.

November 5th, 6th: EV Festival in Adelaide. See website for more information. This car and
others will be on display there.

November 19, 2010: Last mileage update, driving EV
everywhere !

February 2, 2011: Last mileage update and Wh/km update.

July 10, 2011: It's winter here now and I have spent a bit
of time closing off the back of the front grill so that
water does not get on to my electronics.

Don't miss the 3rd National AEVA EV Festival in Brisbane this
year, October 28 & 29.

April 2013: The Meanwell DC-DC Converter stopped working
after 2 years of service - I have now installed a 144V-12V
30Amp unit from EV Power. The model is TDC144V/12V made by TC
Charger. This unit has a high voltage enable cct. which I
need to use so I had to install a high voltage electronic
relay to switch it. I also installed an inductor and diode on
the input of this box to prevent any possibility of the motor
controller trying to draw current from it on battery voltage
sags.(EVTV recommendation after many of their DC-DC
converters failed)

2020: Removed 10yr old Thundersky Lithium cells and replaced with
Westart NMC cells. The EV now has nearly twice the capacity(kWh) and
increase the Ah from 90 to 150.

YouTube ID: evric2008

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