Island Roadrunner in 4th of July Parade Rear Door Wind Fairing DetailLocal Coffee Shop Patrons Trying Out IslModified Battery Pack - SLA-AGM with eleUltralight Aircraft Seat and HarnessModified Bicycle Trailer2-12VDC LED Headlights - wired for 24VDCCustom 24VDC Windshield WiperIsland Roadrunner pressed into service:
OwnerFred Garvey
LocationAlameda, California United States map
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Vehicle2004 HCF Modified HCF-305 Mobility Scooter
Weighing in at 210#, with a cruising
speed of 15mph and a maximum operating
radius of 15 miles, the "Island
Roadrunner" is the lightest, busiest
electric vehicle in Alameda, California.
Motor SanDar (2004-11-30) Permanent Magnet DC
Output: 600 Watts Max.
Weight: about 7 pounds.
Voltage: Operating Range: 15~32Volts DC
Nominal: 24Volts constant
No Load RPM: 3,700rpm
Drivetrain24VDC 600 watt brushed motor (.8hp) with
cogged Optibelt-Omega belt drive to 5th
power wheel.
Controller CE24V305
Batteries4 Power Sonic PSH-12180NB-FR, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
4 - 12 Volt, 21 Amp Hour batteries form
a 24 Volt, 42 Amp Hour battery pack.

*** Brand new SLA-AGM batteries were
broken open (voiding the warranty) and
flooded with standard battery
electrolyte solution, to successfully
survive repeated fast discharge cycles.

Two PowerCheq electronic battery string
equalizers are installed in the battery
pack. One PowerCheq module
interconnects the two 12V batteries
connected in each 24VDC series string,
creating a bi-directional energy
transfer path between the batteries.
The module intelligently equalizes
batteries during charge, discharge, and
idle periods, keeping them properly
maintained at the same state of charge
-critically important to battery life
and range of the vehicle battery pack.
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger CTE-4C24040
CTE Corporation
DC/DC Converter CE24V305 electronic controller
The onboard CE24V305 electronic controller
provides an isolated 24vdc power source
for accessories.
Instrumentation- Digital speedometer/odometer
- LED battery pack indicator
- Digital motor temperature indicator
Top Speed15 MPH (24 KPH)
15 mph is also the cruising speed
Acceleration0 to 15 mph in 6 seconds (without the
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
30 miles maximum range (= 15 miles
radius) in the open country (no stop-
20 miles maximum range (= 10 miles
radius) in stop-and-go neighborhood
13.3 miles maximum range (= 6.6 miles
radius) in stop-and-go neighborhood
traffic, maximum battery life.
All ranges are for normal paved
surfaces, 15mph cruising speed, @ 70
degrees Fahrenheit.
Watt Hours/Mile65 Wh/Mile
Open road: *45 Wh/Mile
Stop-and-go traffic: *65 Wh/Mile
Both @ full cruising speed (15 mph).
*Based on Kill-A-Watt meter reading: Vehicle is always plugged into the 120VAC wall current, tapering off to float charge + electronic desulfator (= 7 watts total) after the main charge. Vehicle is used 2-3 times a week. This all factors in to the true Whr/Mile readings posted above.
EV Miles
Current:3,000 Miles (4,827 Kilometers)
Seating Capacityone
Curb Weight210 Pounds (95 Kilograms)
Includes battery pack (52 pounds).
Tires2-1/4" x 12-1/2"
Conversion Timeone year
Conversion Cost$ 2,500.00
Additional FeaturesLight weight bicycle trailer was modified into a flatbed,
with a 60# payload capacity.

Vehicle modified with an ultralight aircraft seat and
harness for comfort, stability, and protection.

This vehicle is classified as a "Light Electric Vehicle": A
new breed of efficient, lean-and-mean machines that weigh
little more than the passenger(s). The issue with most
electric vehicles these days is that they often weigh in at
2,000 pounds or more. And such a vehicle has the daunting
obstacle of simply transporting itself, which is, at best, a
losing battle.
Everywhere I drive this odd duck people approach me,
wanting to buy one. I politely tell them that I would
starve if I made these things for a living.

This project is not unlike my radio control model
aircraft: It's a true labor of love -that initially
required a considerable amount of research and tinkering
to keep everything running smoothly. But the casual
bystander only sees a cute, reliable vehicle that quickly
and effortlessly runs errands all over town. And it would
be a stretch to assume that this vehicle is ready for the
mass market.

Like many members in my local Electric Auto Association,
I see my electric vehicle as a toy and a joy, and not yet
a viable substitute for an internal combustion engine
powered vehicle.

But we try.

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