LocationSudbury, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle Mastercraft 5hp 24
we had this snowblower with an old junker gas engine on it.
some slight modifying, and voila! it is now electic
Motor 1- or 2-Phase AC
5 horsepower capacitor start motor purchased from Princess
Drivetrain5hp electric motor
Controller 2 pole 240 volt switch
the motor is always on, like its gas cousin. the levers actuate
the auger or drive wheels
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Heatera warm winter coat
Top Speeda brisk walking pace
Accelerationfrom zero to brisk walk in one lever throw!
Range100' extension cord
Seating Capacityif you're brave enough...
Curb Weight100 Pounds (45 Kilograms)
Tireswith chains!
Conversion Time2 evenings
Conversion Cost300$
this is my first "EV" conversion, if you can call it that. winter was coming, we needed a
new snowblower, and I figured this would be the perfect solution.

I haven't tried it yet, since we don't have any snow yet. I did blow some leaves around
the yard... that was pretty cool.

Update 6/12/08: this thing works GREAT! i couldn't ask for more. the 5hp electric motor
is comparable to an 8hp gas engine. it tears through snow like its no one's business. the
cord doesnt' get in the way, and it's no inconvenient at all. i am really enjoy this
snowblower, and i'd recommend it to anyone!

code by jerry