The way it was...The way it is nowBattery racks and motor mount welded onAnd the wiring beginsNew front end on..New tank speedometer and speakers onClose up of old tankNewly Painted
OwnerJimmy Carter
LocationCincinnati, Ohio United States map
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Vehicle1981 Honda CB650 Custom
MotorAdvanced DC A00-4009 Series Wound DC
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7245
Batteries24, 3.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Switch to Lithium..
System Voltage72 Volts
Charger One provided by Elite Power Solutions
HeaterThe sun
DC/DC ConverterSevcon
InstrumentationBMS with LCD display.. also added a radio to listen to...
Top Speed62 MPH (99 KPH)
Calculates around 62 mph... Already had it up to 55 mph
5-6-12 Changed the gearing from 4.5:1 to 4.25:1.. Hoping to be a little faster..
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Hoping for 40+ miles..
Watt Hours/Milenot sure how to figure this one
EV Miles
Start:20,591 Miles (33,130 Kilometers)
Current:21,995 Miles (35,389 Kilometers)
Total:1,404 Miles (2,259 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults, only plan on myself riding it
Curb Weight0
It was about 485 lbs before conversion, will have to weigh it after it's done
Conversion Timeconverting is done... about 50 hours... most work done on weekends 2-3 hours at a time..
Conversion CostHaven't added it up yet
Bought the bike in August, just started conversion 12-31-2008, 2-15-2009 just finished welding the battery racks and motor mount, now its time to start the wiring, hope to have it up and running by the middle of April 2009...4-24-09 Finished all wiring and hooked up the batteries, first ride will be tomorrow...First ride went great...20+ miles...batteries still going strong...but when I went to plug in the charger...the charger didn't work... so had to send it off to get looked at... 5-22-09 Got charger back about two weeks ago, works great...took bike out for a 30 mile ride and a 27 mile ride... ran great, battery meter both times was only at half, so 40 mile range is looking like it might be possible... 40 miles wasn't possible.. 25 mile range ended up being the safe range without losing to much power.. 25 to 30 miles I ended up noticing a big power loss...

6-1-11.. In the process of switching to Lithium batteries.. Put new front end on to get room to put all the batteries up front.... Also plan on adding LED turn signals and brake light..

5-6-12 Just finished new version of the bike.. Had a knee injury last year, so I wasn't able to complete till this year... Switched to lithium batteries.. also changed the front end on the motorcycle and new rear shocks.. and added a radio to listen to... lost 220 lbs in battery weight.. hoping for 40+ miles range now..

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