Lithium LoungersBattery racks.Bob's trike with trailer.Side view of rear.Left side view of rear.
OwnerBob Dahse/ Larisa Walk
Owner's Other EV1979 Porsche 924
LocationWinona, Minnesota United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2006 Cartrike Road
Electric trike conversions using stock Catrike "Road"s, Crystalyte hub motors and controllers, and DeWalt lithium batteries.
MotorCrystalyte Phoenix Racer Permanent Magnet DC
We used the speed-wound "Racer" model since we were using 20-inch wheels that already offered plenty of torque. From Electric Rider (EV Depot) in Lawrence, KS (
DrivetrainDirect drive in rear wheel using approx. 1200-watt permanent-magnet hub motor.
ControllerCrystalyte 3640, 36-volt, 40-amp.
Stock 36-volt, pulse-width controller (from
Batteries4 Dewalt DC9360, 36.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
These are off-the-shelf Dewalt packs, made from A123 System's M1 lithium iron-nanophosphate cells, wired in parallel.
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerSolar Innovative Energy Systems VC-5
The onboard solar panel is composed of two "24-volt" (40-volt peak), stainless steel backed, plastic coated, polycrystalline panels, wired in parallel. Usually, the bulk charge is from our house PV system's Kyocera KC-120's.
InstrumentationTrek computer.
Top Speed24 MPH (38 KPH)
Top speed on level, smooth, flat, windless road, without pedaling.
AccelerationThis depends on how much you pedal with it, slope, road surface, etc. It will "burn gravel" without any rider input.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
This range assume rider input and is based on actual use on a sunny, warm day. I like to pedal, so I use the electric mainly for boost up hills. 300 watt-hours is a lot of range if you use it wisely!
Watt Hours/Mile10 Wh/Mile
This also assume rider input for all but hills, and is based on my experience commuting with it.
EV Miles
Start:200 Miles (321 Kilometers)
Current:600 Miles (965 Kilometers)
Total:400 Miles (643 Kilometers)
    As of 1/10/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult, plus a trailer load of up to 150 pounds using our Burley.
Curb Weight60 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
We doubled the trike's weight, but it was well worth it!!
TiresFront: Schwalbe 20" x 1.75", Rear: Primo "The Wall" 20" x 2.10"
Conversion Time1 week of spare time.
Conversion CostAbout $3500 each, including everything.
Additional FeaturesWe built two of these and both have foam tubing added under the seat webbing to reduce road shock on gravel/bumps. The Dewalt packs trickle charge at 20 watts anytime the onboard PV is in the sun. When on the home PV system, a full charge takes about an hour. When away from home, charging is done using the standard AC DeWalt charger, modified with a cord that plugs directly into 3 of the packs while one pack is pulled from its mount and plugged into the charger directly (so the charger can sense that there is a load). AC charging a dead system takes about 4 hours. Adding cruise control has made climbing bumpy gravel hills a lot easier!
What a thrill to ride! These make steep hills so easy. The only drawback with PM motors is some slight drag when unpowered. It translates into about 1 mph loss for me. I don't use the trikes when temps get under 40F since the power output drops on hills.

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