Current motor configurationold battery pack and chargersold battery pack and chargersNew battery pack and charger
OwnerJohn Farmer
Locationsomewhere in, somewhere in Canada map
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Vehicle1989 Ford Ranger
MotorAdvanced DC FB1 4001A Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 speed manual transmission

ControllerLogisystems 144SFFX
This controller is good for 120-144VDC and can peak (if adjusted) to 550Amps
Batteries12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge SCO14410
Previous Owner replaced the below mentioned chargers with one big charger to simplify things. It runs at 120VAC and charges at 10A. It is pretty slow, but gets the job done.

I also built my own balancers to limit
the voltage on each battery so none of
them get over-charged.
Heaterelectric ceramic heater installed into
original heater core.
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS55
Got this off ebay
InstrumentationHAL effect transducer instead of shunt to measure current. LED bar graph to measure each battery.
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
Previous owner had this self driven up
to 50mph, (80km/h). He went down a
highway down a big hill and it went to
60mph(100km/h) on its own, and tried
exceeding 100km/h on level ground on a
non-windy day, and it won't do it. :(
AccelerationAt speeds above 50km/h (35m/h)
Accelerates like a 20 year old
pickup truck carrying a maximum

in other words, not impressive. However - great acceleration in 1st gear in speeds below 50/35
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
40 mile range at 40 mph, tested up to
54km. Upon trip completion, lowest battery voltage was 12.2V (agm) (70% discharged?)
Watt Hours/Mile506 Wh/Mile
1KWh of charging gets me 3-4Km (1.9-2.5 mi) this depends on how far I've driven and how hard. Wh/Km ranges from 250-380 or 315 Wh/km average. (tracking on AC charging side)

old notes:
charger consumed 1.35 Kwh in a 2 hour
charge after a 15km trip, upon returning home, left it plugged in over night, charger used 6.38kwh. Total trip was 30km; 258 watts/km all city driving, some hills.

upon a 54.5km trip, it required 13kwh
to recharge again; this equates to
238.5 Wh/km or 384Wh/mile

It seems that the charger is more
efficient when it is charging a more
drained pack.

will adjust when more data is collected
(using p3 kill-a-watt)

lets use the above 260 Wh/km, this was
under the old odometer which was under
counting by 0.92, this makes a higher
value, which is 260/.92 = 282.6WH/Km
or 454.7 Wh/Mi

EV Miles
Start:144,282 Miles (232,149 Kilometers)
Current:145,688 Miles (234,411 Kilometers)
Total:1,406 Miles (2,262 Kilometers)
    As of 2/9/2014
Seating Capacity3 adults
Curb Weight4,034 Pounds (1,833 Kilograms)
Previous owner got it weighed, but this was with him in the truck, the GVWR is 4080lbs! Only room for a 46 lb grocery haul!
Conversion Time6 months (Should have been 2 months, but I have many excuses and reasons)
Conversion Cost5556.38CAD not including the cost of the truck or batteries. Total investment (including batteries, the truck and screw-ups not part of final vehicle) 7907.61 CAD
Additional FeaturesSoon to be updated:
Ignition has been replaced with a giant lit green start
button (enabled when key is put into run position)

stock fuel pump disable switch is used as inertia switch to disable main contactor in the event of a collision

tachometer made from 2 magnets and reed switch has been
tested up to 6000rpm
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(below is for Personal reference)
discovered error in speedometer, re-calibrated gear after calculating a 0.8 (-20%)error (100km/h on the meter was actually 80 km/h) so that suggests that there was the same error on the odometer, (originaly mileage is actually lower than stated) however, after fixing the gear, the speedometer is now correct, the odometer is now off by (1.09 or +9%) (reading is now lower instead of higher than actual)so that suggests an original odometer error of .92 (-8%)

The odometer at the gear change was 233527.9, subtract
231,900 starting EV point: making a total apparent
1627.9kms however adjusting for error: 1497km actual

however, to get my total EV miles, (KM), I need to keep
the error intact so I can adjust without doubling the
error, so my new starting point of EV miles will be past
actual EV miles times the error rate that will be removed on future email EV miles. 1497*.92=1377.8
adjusted starting point = kms at gear correct - error'd
past kms = 232150km = 144282miles

**multiply evalbum's reported total EV miles by 1.09 to
get actual miles traveled (stupid odometer)

code by jerry