OwnerJerald Dodson
Owner's Other EVJohn Deere RX 73
LocationOlympia, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1990 Mazda B2000
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainOriginal 5 speed transmission with clutchless coupler. I use 2nd gear from 0 to 50 mph and 3rd gear above 50.
ControllerOpen ReVolt IGBT beta test version
New 1500amp controller designed and built by Paul Holmes as next generation Open ReVolt controller.
Batteries48 Hypower 100 AH LiFePo4, 3.60 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage160 Volts
115 volt variac charger with individual cell voltage monitoring and cutoff via BMS.
Heater1500 Watt ceramic core removed from a room heater and installed in place of ICE heater core and a 12 volt electric vest.
DC/DC Converter
random 13.6v switching power supply off Ebay
InstrumentationCleanPowerAuto EV display
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
AccelerationQuite good for a daily driver
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile360 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:61,750 Miles (99,355 Kilometers)
    As of 3/3/2016
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight3,200 Pounds (1,454 Kilograms)
Down from 4100 with the lead acids
TiresGoodyear Conquest at 50psi
Conversion TimeConverted about 15 years ago and I have been tinkering with it ever since

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