The wreckCasingFitting the casing
OwnerCharles Thibault
Owner's Other EV1984 MTD Snowflite
LocationL'�le-Bizard, Qu�bec Canada map
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Eaton (MTD) Snowblower
Motor Morpower Electric Motor 1- or 2-Phase AC
Motor find on ebay
5.5 Hp, 3450 RPM, Single Phase
Motor is Reversible
240 Volts, 22 Amps, 60 Hz
Drivetrain2 WD
Batteries240.00 Volt,
240 volts protected by GFCI circuit(Mandatory!)
Top Speed3 MPH ( 4 KPH)
Walking speed
Range50 feet!
The length of my driveway !
I can make my driveway and the
one of my neighbor just beside me in 20 minutes.
Watt Hours/Mile5280 watts
I use it 20 minutes per storm
11 cents per storm!
Conversion Time2 months part time
Conversion Cost1500$
(Motor 300$, GFCI 250$, 50 feet cord 150$, etc.)
Additional FeaturesIf you want to do it, a GFCI circuit is mandatory!
I found only 120 volts snowblowers on the market,
it's too weak for our Canadian winters.
Those snowblowers are toys!

I needed:
a snow blower that need almost no maintenance
a snow blower that doesn't smell gas in the garage.
a snow blower powerful enough for 15 inches of snow.
a snow blower that doesn't make any pollution.

So I made "The Green Storm" a 240V snowblower, a real snow eater!

code by jerry