'Matilda' - to be converted'Matilda' - to be converted'Matilda' - to be converted
OwnerPhil Richardson
LocationMelton, Victoria Australia map
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Vehicle2008 Swift Adventure By MR Components
24 speed fully suspended trike

Converted to 48v Dc Lithium-Ion, 200 Watt DC Brushless rear Hub motor, for my around Australia endurance ride for charity (Camp Qaulity).
MotorCrystalyte 408 Brushless DC
48 Volt DC 200 Watt Brushless Permanent rare-earth rear hub motor, 20 inch diameter
Drivetrain24 speed shimano gearset pedal-tricycle. Converted to a Human-Electric, power-assisted long range, high endurance, tricycle, with supplementary solar re-charging (both on bike & off-bike)
Custom 48 volt DC 10 amp, Brushless Controller, designed to match the Lithium-Ion battery packs, limited to a maximum of 8 Amp.
Batteries2, 24.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Powered by, Qty*2 24V 8Ah Lithium-Ion Cartridges, in a 48V string ... a portable SLA AGM battery pack being re-charged concurrently by Solar, and this pack being infrequently re-charged or topped-off by an offline Solar panel (60W) and occasionally by the grid.
System Voltage48 Volts
Each 24V cartridge will be independently charged by a 24V Li-Ion charger, with the charge source being provided normally by a portable SLA AGM battery pack (as above).
HeaterWarm clothes :)
DC/DC Converter
Yep. Probably two or more, for different purposes ... not finalised
Instrumentation48V DC Dual LED (2x3) Headlight / Battery Charge Gauge.
Top SpeedAiming for endurance, not speed, but can do 30 km/hr on the 'flat'
AccelerationI will provide acceleration through pedal system and gearing, motor is for sustained, economical cruising and assistance for hill climbs, while hauling an off-road bike cargo-camping trailer, with all my worldy posessions ;)
RangeHope to achieve 40km+ from a battery cartridge alone, with ideally two(2) discharges per day ...
Watt Hours/MileTBA
Seating Capacity1 adult (and hauling a cargo-camping trailer)
Curb Weight0
about 35 kg
Tires20 x 2.35 Schwable big apple
Conversion Timejust over 12 month
Conversion Costa lot for someone on a disability pension.. total cost including bike about $Au 6000.00
Additional FeaturesFitted with LED marker lights, 4.5w solar panel (on-bike), 60W bi-facial folding solar panel (on trailer) regulator, klaxon horn, 12V 7Ah accessory battery, indicators, 12V 34Ah portable power pack for re-charging, solar capture and through a 240V inverter and 12V sockets, all my electrical and electronic gadgets, including GPS, Laptop, Mobile phone re-charging, Wireless headset, etc
Fitted with motor, controller, Pedalec-PAS rotation sensor, LED headlight with charge gauge and ignition switch, Li-Ion batteries and indicators, etc, and design and performance optimised

To be re-charged with a trailer mounted 60w bi-facial portable folding solar panel, regulator, 34ah 12vdc battery power pack, 1000w 12Vdc to 220Vac inverter, 2 x 24vdc Li-ion chargers, etc.

A big thanks to www.AAEV.com.au for thier generous sponsorship and ongoing support, all for the benefit of a good cause, www.CampQaulity.org.au.

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