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Owner's Other EVs1993 Geo Metro
1988 Toyota Pickup truck 4x4
LocationProvo, Utah United States map
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Vehicle1972 Volkswagen Beetle
It's a Yellow 72 Super Beetle with a removable sun roof and a 72 volt system installed. It uses the bigger D&D motor model ES-31B for better low end torque(very steep hill climbing) and longer range with the same battery pack. This car could be upgraded to 120 volts with a different controller and charger.
The batteries are sealed lead acid type( no maintenance) model # UPS12-370FR made by : . There are seven of them(one is the accessory battery) installed behind the back seat, and they weigh about 67 lbs each. We have driven the car 42 miles at 25 MPH before the batteries seriously started to slow down to a crawl. The Car has a brand-new paint job and the interior is in decent shape considering its age.
The Honda generator(model EU200i) in the front, and the luggage rack on top are NOT included in that price. We have driven it as a SERIES Hybrid with the charger plugged into the 2000 watt generator and estimated our gas mileage at about 72 MPG at 25 MPH.
There is no warranty on the donor shell , but the EV conversion components are warrentied for 2 years against manufacturing defects. If you need , we can throw in a tow bar hitch for free.
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES31-B Series Wound DC
6.7" diameter 15" long
DrivetrainRear wheel drive swing axle type.
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7245
Fully programmable with an rs-232 to USB cable from Radio Shack
Batteries7 model # UPS12-370FR , 0.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Sealed - zero maintenance
System Voltage72 Volts
Constant Voltage(tapers off at end of charge). Adjustable 5-10 amp output. 110VAC input
Heater1500 watt 110 vac heater included. Heat it up before leaving and get there before it gets too cold!
DC/DC Converter
one battery is used for the 12 volt system and recharged with a small smart charger.
InstrumentationAnalog amp(0-500) and volt meters(50-150vdc)
Top Speed52 MPH (83 KPH)
It pulls about 50amps at 40 MPH on the flat in 2nd gear, the most efficient speed. It uses about 150 watt/hours per mile.
Accelerationabout the same as with the 1600 engine.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
We ran it completely out at 42 mile distance at 25 MPH. The Honda generator(model EU200i) puts about 25 amps back into the batteries and if you coast a lot you can drive all day around town. We got about 72 Mils per gallon this way.
Watt Hours/Mile150 Wh/Mile
Seating Capacity2 people in front. Back has a flat plywood deck for hauling stuff or animals(dog,cat,snakes,etc.)
Tiresstandard bug ones at 40 PSI
Conversion TimeBrand new Paint job.
Conversion CostIts for sale at $5100 OBO.
We have done literally hundreds of these, so we like questions.

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