Motor compartmentGE motor
OwnerDan Sandberg
Owner's Other EVs1980 John Deere 68
1972 General Electric Elec Trak E-20
LocationRaymond, New Hampshire United States map
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Vehicle1980 Chimo Kit car
This is a fiberglass kit car from Canada made I believe in 1980-ish. It is based on a 1968 VW bug chassis. I just recently bought it and just started the tear down.
MotorGeneral Electric GE 5BT1346B50 Series Wound DC
rated at 96 vdc, 184 amp, 4700 rpm, with a 6500 rpm max, 20.9hp
Drivetrainseries wound, connnected direct drive to the VW 4-spd transaxle.
looking for one
Batteries0.00 Volt,
none yet
Heaternot yet
DC/DC Converter
none yet
Instrumentationyes but don't know what works yet
Top SpeedSo far just spun the wheels on jack stands at 12v. I want a freeway capable car.
Accelerationhopefully excellent
Rangedon't know yet hopefully 40 miles?
Seating CapacityTwo but hope to make room for the kids.
Curb Weight0
not sure
Tires14" came with car for now.
Conversion CostBought the car for $600.00 with the motor already mounted.
I've got the body off the chassis. Needs full floor pans. Slow going progress due to many other projects.

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