MG EV insideMG EV Fueling
OwnerNeil Hutchinson
LocationWimborne, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle2000 MG MGF
The first, and currently the only (unless you know differently!)
MGF conversion to an all-electric vehicle. Designed to be fun
and fast and bring back my open-top motoring days.
MotorSiemens 3-Phase AC
As used in Ford Ranger and widely available on ebay for a
DrivetrainOriginal MGF, clutch removed, set in 3rd gear normally.
ControllerSiemens Simovert
Full functioning Siemens inverter/controller.
Batteries90 Thunder Sky LiFePo 60A/H, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
System Voltage300 Volts
ChargerElcon 2KW
Charger size to charge overnight into standard UK 13A
socket, using night-time off-peak electricity rates.
HeaterCeramic elements added to heater unit. Provides very modest
warm air. Electrically heated seats.
DC/DC ConverterSiemens Simovert
This is integral with the controller
InstrumentationStandard MGF. Rev counter accepts output from Simovert
and has simulator for low/zero revs to maintain electric
power steering system. Speedo is standard. Standard fuel
gauge modified with gizmo to indicate energy
remaining. Battery status gauge also to be added. Temp
gauge still on water cooling but biased to read correctly.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Designed for 80MPH, and does this easily, feels like it could
go faster, will test one day when the police are not around!
AccelerationRough tests give approx 0-60 in 11-seconds in fixed 3rd
Range80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
Designed for 80 miles but too early to say. Have done 55
miles range so far with no signs of flagging
Watt Hours/MileTo be determined.
EV Miles
Start:84,000 Miles (135,156 Kilometers)
Current:84,640 Miles (136,185 Kilometers)
Total:640 Miles (1,029 Kilometers)
    As of 6/22/2010
Seating Capacity2 comfortably.
Curb Weight0
To be measured in due course, suspect around 10% heavier
than standard car. Rides correctly on suspension and is well
TiresStandard MGF.
Conversion Time18-months but this included a complete renovation of the
MG - can't see the point of an expensive conversion on a
crap, rusty or dirty car.
Conversion CostOuch!
I feel faint. But ROI estimated at 5/6 years.
Additional FeaturesElectric power steering
Heated seats
Electric vacuum pump for brakes
Electric water pump for motor and controller through heater matrix.
Fuel gauge conversion
A lovely drive. Smooth and quick with plenty of overtaking power particularly in the 20-
60 mph range. Nicely balanced with the Hydragas suspension system allowing it to be
pumped to the correct ride height.

Passed UK MOT no problem, the only extra thing they checked was stopping power
using an accelerometer - I think the guy just wanted to go out in it really!

For DVLA, 2-stage process. Inspection by DVLA man, he comes out, then you get a new
log book. 2nd part is go to DVLA office with log book, MOT, insurance and you get the
free tax disc. Don't phone Swansea if you can help it, you'll go round their phone system
for ever...

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