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OwnerTheo Gibson
LocationAuckland, Auckland New Zealand map
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Vehicle1990 Toyota Sera
Concept Car. For more info on the Sera check

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MotorNetgain Impulse 9 Series Wound DC
This motor is unique in that it has the diameter
of a 9" motor,
the length of an 8" motor, and the mounting
pattern of the 8"
ADC. This makes it totally versitable as a
replacement for the 8
inch ADC motor.

The major benefits of the ImPulse 9 over the 8"
motors is better price performance. The motor
performs a bit better than the 8" motors it was
designed to replace, but it encompasses the
HEAVY DUTY brushes, rigging and commutator from
the WarP 9
- the parts are actually interchangeable with
the WarP 9

The impulse motor is also great for tight
spaces. The motor can
be purchased in two different shaft
configurations - single and
double listed below.

9"diameter, series wound DC motor
.875" diameter tailshaft
Advanced timing (for counter-clockwise rotation
when viewed from the transmission, CCWDE)
DrivetrainFront wheel drive, manual gear box,no clutch.
ControllerOpen ReVolt Open Revolt Open Source 144 volt 500 Amp controlle
Batteries32 Thunder Sky WB-LYP160AHA, 3.50 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Sponsored by Winston Battery formerly Thundersky
System Voltage112 Volts
ChargerProtech BFS -120
Specially built for me by Pro Tech Ltd in Auckland as I had to
remove batteries because of weight issues in car to pass
certification. It I had been able to keep original pack would have
been able to charge using a 3 phase connection.
HeaterCeramic Heater - Ceramic heater was installed for the 144 volt
pack. Due to NZ certifications
limitations I had to remove some batteries. This meant the ceramic
heater is slow to heat up and now
not so great is cold weather. To replace it I had to remove
dashboard which is not very easy in a Sera
and probably rewire several things. My solution was I had not yet
re-gased air conditioning system
after putting car back together so I decided when I had some time
and a garage I would install an A/C
reverse value to turn the air con into a heat pump. See for more info
Sadly I never had the time or the garage space. Also wanted to get
an A/C mechanic to help me out as
mine retired and moved cities.
DC/DC Converter Toyota Alternator
Using original alternator on belt system.Works rather well but if car
is left in storage battery does drain rather quickly. I think this is
due to the Xantrex Link Pro metre which always has power. This is
the requirement of my model metre.
Instrumentation12 Volt Aux Battery Gauge,Xantrex LinkPro Battery Gauge and
amp metre. vacuum gauge was much bling.
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
120 Km/h on motorway
Range62 Miles (99 Kilometers)
Conservatively 100 km.
EV Miles
Start:149,464 Miles (240,487 Kilometers)
Current:164,649 Miles (264,920 Kilometers)
Total:15,185 Miles (24,432 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityFor certification requirements car is only
certified to take one person but car has two

Due to the way NZ EV cert process worked at the
time. Maximum weight is usually worked out
by curb weight plus number of seats at 80 kg per
person (4x in NZ). Of course car can take
much more than this but this is what car is
certified for. Car was built with this equation
in mind but when paper work was put in I was told by
certifier as the car was imported from
Japan their certification weight is based curb
weight plus weight of Japanese person which
apparently is 50 kg per person (4x) not NZ 80
kg. So to meet NZ cert I had to reduce cars
weight by120 kg. So removed batteries. Used to
have 144 volt pack.

In my three + years of driving the car no one has
ever cared what it is certified to carry. They
only look at WOF and Registration. I know the
car is safe to carry two passengers as I based my conversion on a
similar conversion of Sera in Australia. This conversion had a 144
battery pack and two seats and was certified to carry this weight
by an engineer. But sadly NZ
certifiers couldn't accept this. So had to play by rules.
Curb Weight2,075 Pounds (943 Kilograms)
In unconverted state.
TiresHankook Tires.Low rolling resistance design
Conversion Time2 and half years.
Conversion CostCar Value 25 to 30 thousand when first built of course.
Additional FeaturesIf I only had the time..... apart from the before mentioned in other sections. I would like to tidy
up the odd bit of wiring and get car repainted if I had time and money. Paint work is a little

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