More battery roomNew wood engine compartmentCan't have a trike without a basket
OwnerJohn Penry
LocationSan Antonio, Texas United States map
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Vehicle2001 Adult Trike
Adult tricycle made by Atlas. Got it at a garage sale along with two "defunct" electric scooters, and thought I would make a conversion.
Motorunknown Chinese 12-24-36v 1000 watt Permanent Magnet DC
Bought used at a garage sale. First motor was in a We-B-Scootin scooter. Changed to a 1000 watt 36 volt motor, using in 24volt mode.
Drivetrain#35 and #40 chains in dual jackshaft configuration (see below) 18.5:1 ratio.
ControllerYi Yun YK-43
The Yi-Yun 1000 watt controller allows me to power the 600 watt motor enough with only 24 volts.
Batteries6 Universal Batteries UB1280, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
UPS style battery. 8 amp hours each.
With 6 batteries in a 3 X 2 configruation, I can go over 7 miles with EV power only. If I do some pedalling, and use the motor as an assist up hills, I would get more miles to the charge.
System Voltage24 Volts
ChargerSchumacher XC6
6-4-2 amp charger with microcontroller to control charge rate. I can charge 3 12 volt batteries at a time.
HeaterSouth Texas Sun.
InstrumentationSchwinn LCD speedometer.
Top Speed14 MPH (22 KPH)
with 24v, I get top speed of about 14mph. With 36v, It gets scary. I added a second jackshaft to keep top speed down, and make hill climbing better.
AccelerationGood acceleration, and travels well on an incline.
Range7 Miles (11 Kilometers)
In pure EV mode - no pedalling I have a range of about 7 miles.
Could go further if I pedalled a bit more.
Watt Hours/MileWill be determined later
EV Miles
Current:60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adults
Curb Weight70 Pounds (31 Kilograms)
Trike frame, 6 small batteries small motor.
Tires24 inch bicycle.
Conversion TimeI started in 2010, and let it sit for months at a time, but now I will be working on it more often.
Conversion CostBike $100. Scooters (controllers and electronics) $20. Motor $70 (with shipping). Motor mount $60. 6 batteries $120. Charger $30. Sprockets and chains $150.
About $460 total.
EV Grin - priceless.
Additional FeaturesI tried several combinations. The jackshaft got the ratio up to where it would go from a stop without pedal assist.
The motor mount keeps the chains tight.

Replaced the #25 chain with a #35 chain.

The 1000 watt motor has a 19 mm shaft, and I created a one way bearing to fit a #35 chain sprocket.
3 sets of chains.
12 tooth to 30 tooth #35 (2.5:1 ratio)
12 tooth to 22 tooth #40 (1.83:1 ratio)
12 tooth to 48 tooth #40 (4.00:1 ratio)
Total ratio is 18.33:1
Next project: Quadricycle.
Maybe using an Etek motor and 4 motorcycle tires.

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