Jr DragsterChargingDirect Drive Out the door48V PackThe Officedrive endIn fast companyOwner and Driver
OwnerJames Wolfe
Owner's Other EVs1982 Pontiac J2000
1993 Dodge TEVan
1988 Pontiac Fiero
1995 Solectria E-10
1999 Dodge EPIC
1993 Dodge TEVan
LocationGlendale, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle1994 Junior Dragster
Rigid rear frame 1/2 scale dragster that appears to have been built in the early to mid '90's.
MotorGeneral Electric 5 BC 48 JB 550 D Series Wound DC
6-Hp 2800 RPM @ 36v, 6.625"D x 10"L, with a single 3/4" keyed and threaded shaft.
DrivetrainOne #35 chain, single reduction live axle
ControllerAlltrax NPX 4834 EZ
48 volt, 300 Amp, non-programable from Papa Jim's "Hot-Rod" golf cart for now.
Batteries16 GBS 40-LFMP40AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
16 in series.. 2, 40Ah, 8 cell packs
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger HP-6032A
Hewlett-Packard 0-60V, 0-50A adjustable power supply. Able to charge individual cells or entire pack.
HeaterA/C would be more appropriate.. after all this is Phoenix.
DC/DC ConverterVicor PH75S 48-12
Input: 36-75V, 2.61A
Output: 12V, 6.3A
(Enough to run the flashing yellow light at the top of the cage, a tailight and one of 2 large LED's on the dash.)
Top Speed43 MPH (69 KPH)
04-15-12 SIR Car # 398
R/T ... .304
60' ... 3.317
330 ... 8.937
1/8 ... 14.366
MPH ... 43.14
AccelerationAccelerator stop in place limiting speed.
Range1 Miles ( 1 Kilometers)
Enough for 1/8th mile and the return lane
Watt Hours/MileHave not calculated, but battery voltage was UP after the first run.. (pack warmed a little which lowered the resistance.)
Seating Capacity1, must be >8 years old and <18 years old.
Curb Weight231 Pounds (104 Kilograms)
Minimum is 225 lbs less driver and Maximum is 400lbs less driver.

We thought we would need to add weight as the batteries aren't that heavy but it turns out that third grade math missed a few pounds on one of the scales...(Pack weighs 56 lbs)
Tires8" x 18" Goodyear slicks on beadlocks at the rear and 5" on the front.
Conversion TimeTo be determined.
Conversion CostWithin budget..hi hi
(Should be about $2,000 when race ready.)
Additional Features5 point racing harness;
Dsuz fasteners make the body quickly removable; Inductive throttle, (travel can be adjusted)
Controller is switched at the steering yoke to 1/2 speed for staging.
D-handle manual safety disconnect trips the Heineman circuit breaker.
October 2011: Bought this off CL for my Grandkids and researching what it will take to make it a legal NEDRA Jr Dragster. Eight of the Nine kids fit the age bracket, one is too tall to get into it, and he really wanted to. Two are too young, but that still leaves five of them to vie for driving rights. We're still trying to work out an equitable solution based on age, grade point average and other determining factors.

They've already decided if we can't race it at the dragstrip they'll close off the dead end street in front of the house and race it there. Of course we can't let them, but you have to admire their enthusiasm.

We have already pulled the ICE and it'll power the Go-Kart until that gets converted to electric.

The motor is out of a Taylor Dunn golf cart that used a 9" narrowed Ford rear differential and a 4 v-belt set of pulleys for the drive. This motor is enclosed with both bearings and a 3/4" keyed shaft making it simple to couple to the live axle of the dragster.

Presently it may only run in the 12.90 class and will make its debut with a 9 year old driver.

03-25-2012: Going back to the welder in the AM to add the helmet bars and 2- dsuz fasteners. The list is getting shorter and we are pushing to be ready for Tucson next month.

04-13-2012: Loaded and ready for Tucson in the AM.

04-15-2012: Ran 5 passes at Tucson International Raceway after getting rained out on Saturday at the NEDRA "Spring Thaw". All 5 passes were very consistent at about 43 MPH and times near 14.4 seconds.

Should have done this years ago...

06-01-2012: The kids wanted to name it Short Circuit, and we did. After finding the name is being used by Muskegan Community College for their 48 Volt electric dragster, we are going to rename it.

07-15-2012: Renamed SCORPIOhm

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