OwnerGene Stopp
LocationWest Hills, California United States map
Vehicle1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle
Bright electric blue custom paint job with
"ghost lightning bolts" up
the sides. Vents and exhaust cutouts welded over
and filled in.
MotorNetgain ImPulse9 Series Wound DC
Adapter plate from EVSource. Dayton blower
ducted to cooling
shroud. Zolox RPM sensor on acc. shaft.
DrivetrainStock VW 4-speed transaxle, Kennedy clutch
ControllerCafe Electric Z1K HV w/ HEPI
Liquid cooling system from EVSource, double-
width radiator with
dual fans, coolant reservoir next to hairball.
Hall effect pedal cable
running through original throttle cable tube.
Batteries56 GBS 100AH, 3.40 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
SOC/volts/amps display LCD on dash (Elite Power
400A DC Breaker in series with Negative side
System Voltage190 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-20
Digital current meter on AC input to accommodate
whatever circuit
capacity is in use.
Heater12V Accessory socket for portable DC heater as
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-55
In parallel with Optima blue top 12v accessory
battery. Comes on
via negative side contactor when key is turned
to RUN position.
InstrumentationiPad2 to Hairball serial console, possible
custom app in the future
12v system voltage display
Sun pro tachometer driven by hairball tach
Stock VDO speedometer with ultra bright LEDs
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
Fastest so far driving on the 101 with plenty of
GO pedal left. It
seems that my top speed will be tach redline in
4th gear (TBD).
Estimate 100mph.
AccelerationMuch perkier than a stock VW. Actual 0-60 still
to be determined.
Range65 miles on a single full charge so far...
Estimate is around 80
Watt Hours/MileTBD
EV Miles
Current:772 Miles (1,242 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults until rear seat is added
Curb Weight0
Tires195/15 on American Eagle EMPI
Conversion Time~2.5 years
Conversion CostApproximately $30K
Additional FeaturesFront and rear disk brake conversions

Coil-over shocks on rear

9 GBS 4-pack batteries in rear battery box behind rear seat

5 GBS 4-pack batteries in spare tire well

NEMA L5-30 male behind fuel filler door

All new interior with SCAT seats
This car is for sale. Best reasonable offer.

All components are in good shape, but the batteries need to be
balanced. I'm unsure what the SOC is, but they all measure a solid
3.3v to 3.4v. I periodically run the charger at low current for
both the Optima Blue Top 12v and the 56 100Ah GBS cells.

Included would be all of my EV-specific parts and tools:
Custom blank fiberglass dash and center console, never drilled or
About 25' roll of armored flex conduit
26" x 12" x 12" Craftsman tool box
Large 1/2" drive sockets with breaker bar (wheel hubs etc)
Large Torque Wrench 1/2" drive
Small Torque Wrench 3/8" drive
4/0 Cable Crimpers with spare lugs and 4/0 cable
Un-used Link10 with Lee Hart "helper" board
iPad II mount and interface cable (use "GetConsole" serial app to
talk to the Zilla)
Various bits and pieces

code by jerry