D&D ES-31CAdapter PlateShaft CouplerWith engineWithout engineAssemblyAdapter RingBattery Pack
OwnerMatt Dawes
LocationStillwater, Oklahoma United States map
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Vehicle1992 Toyota Paseo
Purchased with a bad engine in mid 2008 with
plans of someday converting to an EV
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES-31C Series Wound DC
From Cloud EV website:

12hp Cont @ 96 Volts
1.125" Diameter 3" long Double Shaft
Keyway length 2.50
6.7" Diameter x 15.05" long Casing
Peak Horsepower Rating = 49 HP
This Motor is good for Small Sized
Electric Vehicle Conversions
The efficiency RPM on this motor is about
110 RPM/Volt
72 Volt 165A 12 HP 1750 RPM
96 Volt 150A 13.6 HP 2950 RPM
Drivetrain5 speed
ControllerKelly KDH09600
96V 600A
Batteries10, 8.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Automotive Energy Supply Corporation
LiMn2O4, 60Ah
Nissan Leaf Modules

3.8v 30Ah nominal for each cell, 4 cells
per module, 2 series 2 parallel, 7.6v 60Ah
per module.

Total pack - 10 modules:
76v nominal
System Voltage82 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC 2500
EVolve Electrics
DC/DC ConverterKelly KDCC7213.5
72V to 13.5V, 400W, 30A
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
Acceleration0 to 30 mph in 13 seconds
0 to 50 mph in 43 seconds
Range17 Miles (27 Kilometers)
17 miles to low voltage cut off
15 miles is a good practical range
Watt Hours/Mile280 Wh/Mile
Nineteen month average measurement using
"Kill-a-Watt" usage monitor. Lowest 220,
highest 364. Depends on terrain, driving
technique and ambient temperature.
EV Miles
Start:193,419 Miles (311,211 Kilometers)
Current:200,564 Miles (322,707 Kilometers)
Total:7,145 Miles (11,496 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2
Curb Weight1,960 Pounds (890 Kilograms)
Stock Paseo curb weight 2070 lbs (939 Kilograms)
TiresOEM wheels and tires with full moon
Conversion TimeApproximately 80 hours labor over the past 6
years. The majority of that, probably 60
hours, in the first quarter of 2014.
Additional FeaturesClutchless

Volvo brake booster vacuum pump. No vacuum reservoir.
A micro-switch on the brake pedal turns the pump on
only when needed. Works great.

DC power module: EUMFD60Y28A
Panasonic FD series full brick DC/DC power module
set at 11V. Used to provide the supply voltage
(8 to 30 volts) for the Kelly motor controller.

AutoCraft Automotive Battery
Group Size 75/86, 650 CCA
to run the chassis electrical.
Many hours of labor and consultation invested by Joshua
English of J&E Performance Motors formerly of Stillwater OK.

1/14/2014: Batteries ordered from Hybrid Auto Center.

1/16/2014: Trial fit motor and trans-axle in the car.

1/21/2014: Received batteries from Hybrid Auto Center and
ordered Elcon charger from EVolve Electrics.

1/23/2014: Ordered SOC bar graph meter off eBay.

1/28/2014: Front mount finished and installed.

2/19/2014: Received charger.

2/22/2014: Removed all ICE associated wiring.

2/23/2014: Installed component board, mounted charger,
batteries, controller and fan.

3/09/2014: Wiring done, turned on the power to test.
Controller shows fault code 24 - �Throttle signal is higher
than the preset dead zone at power on.� Curtis PB6 pot-box
is reverse of what Kelly controller is expecting to see.

3/10/2014: Reworked PB6 pot-box to work with Kelly

3/11/2014: Installed axles, filled transaxle and topped off

3/12/2014: First drive. Ran out of juice 1/2 mile away from
home and had to be towed in, establishing the range at 20
miles. The Kelly controller has the low voltage cut off
preset at 50V, just about right for these batteries. Any
voltage level under 50v was having trouble making speed

3/14/2014: Removed fuel tank.

3/23/2014: Ebay (rcfuther) 84v bar graph "fuel gauge"
worked for one round and quit. Further communication with
the vender yields a chart that details the useful range of
the bar graph. It is actually an 86v gauge that has a 14v
range, pretty useless in my application. This explains why
the bar moved so quickly to the left. However they could not
explain why the bars would not come back to the right after the
pack was depleted and recharged.

4/26/014: Ordered Volvo 12V vacuum pump for power brakes.

5/10/14: Volvo vacuum pump installed, power brakes

5/28/14: 1000 miles

7/20/2014: Ordered DC to DC converter from Kelly Controller

7/23/2014: Received DC to DC converter

7/24/2014: 1500 miles in 19 weeks

8/2/2014: DC to DC converter installed

9/5/2014: 2000 miles

10/8/2014: 2500 miles

11/10/2014: 3000 miles

1/15/2015: Ordered ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver Plus

1/16/2015: 3500 miles

1/21/2015: Received ZEVA FGD+ v1.2

3/17/2015: 1 year and 4000 miles, on the same day!

5/12/2015: 4500 miles

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