OwnerThe Campbell Family
LocationRound Rock, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet
4/10/12: An excellent week of driving.
Back off the road for some tune up and
tweeks, but inching towards daily
4/3/12: First drive to work today.
2/25/12: Work in Progress. All Items
from Justin @ Evolve Electrics.
Serious consideration for Central Texas
heat, so all the cooling options
purchased. Replacing the struts with
Billstein HDs, and building the rear
battery box before we pull the ICE out
and begin the conversion. Planning on
a 21 day conversion after ICE is
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
120-170VDC, 5,500 Peak RP. Also
installing the WarP 9 Forced Air Cooling
Drivetrain1.8 F.I.
Controller Soliton 1
1000 Amps Continuous: The Soliton1 has
a continuous current rating with liquid
cooling of 1000A. Running on the
integrated cooling fans only, 1000A is
typically available for 15-20 seconds
before thermal de-rating kicks in.
We'll be running with the liquid
cooling kit.
Batteries54 GBS 3.2V - 100Ah - LiFeMnPO, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage172 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC-2500
Elcon PFC-2500 Charger (115/230VAC)
Cell Count: 54
Pack Voltage: 173VDC (Voltage
Cell Voltage: 3.2V
Cell AH: 100Ah
Cell Chemistry: Lithium (GBS)
Charge To Voltage: 3.65V
Curve: 502
DIN Plug: Yes
DC/DC Converter Acme DC-DC
110-370VDC - 636W - 53A Output
InstrumentationTBS E-Xpert Pro
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
4/10/12: 65 easy....
Expected - will update when rolling.
4/3/2012 : 65 is easy. Not sure what
top speed would be, and no need to
65 is easy.
Acceleration2/25/12 We'll see, but not looking for
a performance car.
4/3/12: Every bit what
the 1.8 ICE was. I'm driving her easy
still and it's responsive and quick.
Very impressed.
Range65 Miles (104 Kilometers)
4/10/12: Showing much better than
expected 58 miles. 49% discharge after
41 miles.
4/3/12: Not ready
to stress test range yet. To work
(18 miles) was no problem.
EV Miles
Current:136 Miles (218 Kilometers)
    As of 9/30/2019
Seating Capacity4, but need to upgrade rear coils. The
shocks are upgraded to Billstein HD, but
need better coils too.
Curb Weight2,300 Pounds (1,045 Kilograms)
Expected. Will weigh everything coming
out and going in.
Conversion Time2/25/12 Hoping for 21 days from time of
of ICE. All items purchased from
Evolve. Will upgrade struts and build
rear battery box under back seat before
taking it off the road.
4/3/12: Took 33 days (nights and
weekends). Longer than hoped, better
than expected.
Conversion Cost$16,951.90 + $531 struts - sales of ICE
Additional FeaturesCooling cooling cooling - Liquid cooling on the controller
and forced air on the motor.
2/25/2012: Start Pulling the ICE. One day, not a bad
task. Only regret, I wish i had a steam cleaner.
Cleaned the engine compartment, but could have done
better. I've a function over form guy.

3/15/2012: Almost there. WarP 9, blower kit, controller,
batteries, BMS, brake assist installed.

3/22: Tests all check out with BMS, charger, motor,
controller, blower, and DC/DC converter. Taking her
the block tonight. Still wiring and connections to
up, but almost there.

3/23/2012: Pulled out onto the street. Wife in the
passenger seat with the computer hooked up to the BMS.
Excellent. All green, 10 mph up the block. All green,
15 mph around the block and home. Stopped in front of
the house, and we both said, WE GOTTA DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

4/3/12: First drive into work. We pay Green Mountain
for our part of the grid consumption, so a true zero
carbon drive to work. EXCELLENT!!!

4/10/12: Rolling along very nicely.

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