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OwnerWilly Dahm
Location W.Vancouver, British Columbia Canada map
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Vehicle1980 Honda CB400T
Bike was used last in 1991 (42 years old)
It has some damage. I have left the bike
for quite some time
because of the costs of batteries. (2
years ) Working on the lights
and electrical. I need to finish this
project and move on.
Motor Mars ME 0709 Permanent Magnet DC
ME 0709 used good condition 48V-72v
rpm 3500
Drivetrainsprocket drive:

ControllerAlltrax 7234
24v-72v, 300a programmable
Batteries12.00 Volt,
AGM most likely .
55AH or 75AH
Did not buy batteries because of the
cost.Hope to buy them when I go home and
finish the project.
System Voltage4 Volts
ChargerSoneil 4808SRF
Getting info on charger
If I change to 72V I will need to change
DC/DC Converter Green Galaxy
72v+,13.5v+ dc to dc converter
Amps ?
Ignition key mounted in gas cap of tank.
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
Top Speed 55Mph- 88klm
75% 45.53mph -72klm
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
May use 12v 80AH to get better range than
using 55AH
Price goes up from$600 to $800

Watt Hours/Mileunknown at this time
Seating Capacity1 or 2 depends on design and range when
The weight (load) changes the mileage and
I'm already 210lb.
Curb Weight360 Pounds (163 Kilograms)
Frame weight 191 lbs
Engine about 165 lbs.
TiresTyres O.K.
Conversion TimeStarted on the 5th of May 2012 and worked
on project for
month. Spent most of my time learning how
to build the bike
from evalbum and other sources. Finding
the right company to
buy the parts from was time consuming.
Went on holidays and dropped project.
Started work this March on project again
as the weather is warmer.
It's been 2 years and I stalled
the project because of
battery costs.2019 Put in battery rack and
worked on some wiring of the bike.
Hope to complete this one day.
Conversion CostBike & transport -
Parts for battery rack -
$46.55 Rona
speedo + cable
-$29.75 ebay
- $161.30
Sold engine 19th May +$200
+ $38.70 purchase list:
Motor: Mars ME0709 ET-ER used
alltrax 7234 controller 24-72V
Tyco LEV200 12v contactor
Magura Twist throttle 0-5k
pre-charge resistor
supression diode 48v,300amp
Soneil 4808SRF 48v charger /on board $175
Kill switch
NEMA-C Motor Plate
Green Galaky 36v-72v dc/ dc converter
In-Line fuse holder
Chain sprocket,for #50 chain, 16teeth
7/8 Bore (fits motor)
Shipping $ handling


Est:batteries: $600 - $800 +TAX




Duty into Canada
202.00 duty
Chain,wire AGW #1,lugs,
Misc: motorcycle inspection/papers

$2,600 - 2,800

Additional FeaturesNote: I may need to strengthen the bike as the engine was
structural support to the frame and without the engine it may
be weakened.
Put a battery rack holder on where engine was fitted. Put two
angle irons across from front engine holder to back chassis
and bolted onto frame to replace engine support and make it
safe. Stopped the build a while back as batteries
cost too much. In Europe at the moment and hope to finish
build next year. "This has been a long project and one of the
few I have not completed.

rpm: 2800
sprocket 16
chain 48
wheel diam 25"
ratio: 3:1
top speed 55mph
75% 52.53mph - 80km

GO TO: Youtube: Channel :Willy Dahm: Playlist

Started on May 5th and had engine removed in 4hrs.
Fixed brakes and speedo. Headlamp 12V (garage sale)
I have talked to and they are very
Bought most parts and mounted the motor.
Got welding wire, electric lugs and chain for 48V at
Princess Auto (Canada)
March: Painted gas tank yellow and guards yellow so
motorcycle is spotted easily from the
side. Mounted ignition key in gas cap.
Painted and mounted speedo.
Got old bed frames for angle iron for free and mounted the
controller. Used the angle iron for battery frame so all I
need is the right batteries. This has been a slow project
with high costs but it's worth it. Installed battery rack

thunderstruck (new and used parts)

Helpful links
*Note: this is a great site for research on products that
others used to build e.v.'s
One can research mileage, speed and products used and come to
your own conclusion
on what is needed for your build.
"good luck"

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