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2011 Goupil G3-2L Van
2011 Goupil G3-2L Tipper
2011 Goupil G3-1S Van
2011 Melex Prof-Line LWB Combi - Road Legal
2011 Goupil G3-2L Combi with e-Leaf-succer & mulch
2012 Goupil G3-2L
2012 SOIOS Suntrain
LocationAntwerp, Flanders Belgium map
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Vehicle2012 Goupil G5-E Van & Tipper
Newest compact utility vehicle from Goupil.
Available as full electric or plug-in hybrid version.
MotorSchabmuller 48V 3-Phase AC
or combined with additional 505cc. injection engine.
Batteries24 320Ah - Deep Cycle, 2.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
available capacities: 180, 240 & 320Ah for upto 60, 80 and
100 km autonomy
System Voltage48 Volts
Heaterelectric or Webasto
Instrumentationextensive Goupil LCD
Top Speed27 MPH (43 KPH)
upto 44 mph topspeed in hybrid version
Range63 Miles (101 Kilometers)
upto 250 miles combined autonomy in the hybrid version
Seating Capacity2 adults
Additional FeaturesVan with two shutters and automatic interior LED lighting.

Hydraulic tipper with removable side panels.
Vehicles delivered to Eandis in Flanders for use in the EVA Living Lab.
EVA = Electric Vehicles in Action
They are part of a large test-fleet of electric vehicles only and carry data loggers.
During three years they will each be tested by 16 different Flemish cities.

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