OwnerErik Haltrecht
Owner's Other EVs2005 Toyota e-Prius
2015 Tesla Model S
LocationToronto, Ontario Canada map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2012 Nissan LEAF
SL with Quick Charge
Motor 3-Phase AC
Batteries192, 400.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
System Voltage400 Volts
3.3 kW
Top Speed94 MPH (151 KPH)
AccelerationReally Fast:
0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) performance has been tested at 9.9 seconds.
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
Drove 114 miles on one charge
Watt Hours/Mile180 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
Current:1,111 Miles (1,787 Kilometers)
Total:1,089 Miles (1,752 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight3,375 Pounds (1,534 Kilograms)
Tires4 (with N2); No Spare; Portable Compressor
Conversion Cost$22,222 plus lots of Tax & Delivery
Additional Features"Magic-Entry"; GPS; Charging Station GPS; Garage Door Opener; Front And Rear Heated Seats; Heated Steering Wheel; Charger Timer; Climate Control (C/C) Timer; Remote Charger Control via SmartPhone App; Remote C/C via SmartPhone App; AM/FM/XM/CD Bose 7-Speaker Audio System; Bluetooth; LED Headlights;
Federal Gov't still penalizing EV drivers by charging full HST on EV; Also, charging HST on price BEFORE deducting Ontario $8500 Rebate.

code by jerry