OwnerHowie Kubsch
Owner's Other EV1980 ComutaCar
LocationLake Placid, Florida United States map
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Vehicle2012 Chevrolet Volt
Purchased my new Chevy Volt in June 2013 from Alan Jay Automotive in Sunny Sebring, FL hometown of the Pioneer EV's the CitiCar , the ComutaaCar and the Zzipper EVs. All built in the 1974-1990 timeframe. I like the concept of a dual purpose vehicle , for short range travel to the store, shopping , local travel, the All EV mode provides 35-40 miles of Clean EV driving. Get back home and Plug In to 120 volt outlet overnight and the Volt is read for another day. Travel a bit too far, and the gas engine generator kicks in automatically and gets you where you want to go. My Summer vacation, we took the Volt from FL, to Midwest to East Coast, then back to the Midwest, then to the South and on back to FL in a extended travel excursion. We attended the C-Car meet in Crystal Lake, IL in August. About 12 ALL Electric C-Cars and EV's were at the meet. It was held at Small Cars Wonder Micro Car Museum. In total we drove the Volt 1404 miles on gasoline & electric to get to the "EV" meet. In total trip was 3800 Miles.
MotorGeneral Motors 3-Phase AC
Chevy Volt "Voltec"
Chevy Volt "Voltec"
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Chevy Volt "Voltec"
Instrumentationall digital displays
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Typical range at some hiway, some city driving 37-40 miles per charge on 120 volt AC.
Seating Capacity4 passenger, bucket seats front/rear.
Tireslow rolling resistance 17 inch mag rim .
Conversion Costway too much ! ( But, I still like the EV mode)
Additional FeaturesNav., back up camera, NASCAR front air dams...just like the NASCAR cars use!
I do like the Volt for daily use ALL Electric and for long distances, EV mode, then Gas Generator kicks in seamlessly for unlimited range at over 40+ MPG.

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