OwnerHenry Taylor
LocationMarburg, Queensland Australia map
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Vehicle1997 Mazda 323 Astina
I have just purchased a 1997 Mazda 323
Astina, 2litre v6 with 5speed manual
trans, to develop it into an EV.
I aim to achieve spritely performance with
120km endurance at speeds ranging between
50kmph and 90kmph for town and secondary
road driving.
At this time I am considering using a 203-
06-4001A motor, dual shaft to enable
running accessories and develop a
regenerative charging system.
Are there motors available with built in
Drivetrain5 speed manual, front wheel drive. I am
yet to decide whether to develop this car
with a clutch or without a clutch. I would
like to hear advice from builders with
experience and considered opinion on
whether the benefits of having a clutch
justify the power required to rotate that
mass on the output shaft of the motor.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
I know they are very expensive but my wish
list is for LiPo batteries for high power
to weight ratio, faster charging and
longer life. Glad to receive advice on
battery choice.
I think that Lithium batts will become
more significant for EVs as they become
cheaper through improved production
techniques and increased competition
between producers. Safety and ease of
management will improve too. No doubt Li
batts will be superseded with other
electro-chemistry in future.
I'd like to see any battery system offered
with temperature and charge monitoring for
every cell, with that information
available on an indicator with significant
anomalies alerted to the operator.
Conversion CostItemised list in Australian Dollars:
Donor Car $900.00
Additional FeaturesThe base car is a very well featured vehicle, top of it's range
that year with lots of electricity hungry accessories - powered
windows, driving lights, aircon, central locking, lots of
internal lights, power steering(likely to need a motor),
central locking etc.. . From the commencement of this project I
aim to pull the fuses on the un-essential systems and bring
them on line as I find ways to minimise each systems load. An
early priority for the car will be to replace the incandescent
lights of the external lighting system with low load LED
I apologise for not having a anything of substance to
contribute to the EV Album at this time but I will regularly
update the info on my project car and hopefully that will be
agreeably entertaining for other folks.
My object in this project is to develop an EV that I will use
every day or every journey that is less than 120km round trip
originating from my home.
I will be grateful for any information and experience that EV
builders might like to share.
Thanks for reading,
Henry Taylor

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