Rear ShotHub MotorChargingThe Hiding RustWarning!
OwnerDavid Bramhall
Owner's Other EV2009 SSR E-Bike
LocationHamilton, Ontario Canada map
Vehicle2011 1572
2011 TDR 1572

I bought this E-Bike during the end of
September, 2014 off a guy on Kijiji. It's a TDR
Model 1572. It was only $430.

It had some rust, but I took it anyways.
Everything needed to be safe under Ontario
Legislation was there and in working condition.
Motor 500Watt Brushless DC
Eagle Brand Controller

Before-Shunt Amps: 25

After-Shunt Amps: 40(Aprx)
Batteries4 EKS, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM

The worn out batteries are a Chinese brand
called EKS. They came with the bike so I don't
know much about it as everything else is in
Chinese. Pretty sure they are as old as the bike
is (4 Years).
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger EA-H-48
Generic Chinese Charger.

Charge Rate: 3Amps
Charge Time: <7Hours

Future Plan: 2x2Amp chargers in parallel for
quick 5Hour charging. Stays within lead-acid's
C5 rate.
HeaterBody Heat + Leathers
DC/DC Converter
No-Name 12v converter. Supports inputs of 36-
InstrumentationFactory Gauges - Speedometer, Voltmeter,
Odometer, Time running.

My Gauges - Battery Level Meter

(All Gauges are Digital)
Top Speed21 MPH (33 KPH)
Speed confirmed by GPS.
Acceleration0-34km/h @ 10 Sec (Before Shunt Mod)
0-34km/h @ 5-6 Sec (After Shunt Mod)

Most of the increased acceleration was noticed
at the low-end. When the stop light turns green,
I can keep up with traffic for a little bit.

Successfully inclined the Hamilton Mountain's
'Jolley Cut'.
Range9 Miles (14 Kilometers)
Since I live uptown, most of my commute is full
throttle cruising without too many stops. Batteries
were already on their way out, but it's enough for
my needs. Brand new batteries suggest 50-60km per
Watt Hours/Mile21 Wh/Mile
Calculated based on remaining life span of battery.
EV Miles
Start:2,393 Miles (3,850 Kilometers)
Current:2,540 Miles (4,087 Kilometers)
Total:147 Miles (236 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
TiresNylon (16 x 3.0)
Conversion TimeApprx. 24hrs
Conversion Cost$430 for Bike
$40 in Mods (Battery Gauge, Shunt, etc.)
$79 in Additional Storage Space
$45 in Repairs

Total Cost: $594
Additional FeaturesOld Wishes...

Amp/Watt Gauge

MP3 & Radio Player Unit

Emergency Booster Pack (Made from free NiCDs & NiMH!)

Off Grid charging via Solar Panels

Batteries finally died and needs a new motor controller. Threw in a mix of extra batteries that came with my new one; still did 20km of range.

Sold to a kind fellow from downtown for $220 for parts.

He's the fourth owner in the bike's four years of life.

code by jerry