Slick Battery ModuleSlick with tall motorcycle seatBattery module internalsSlick Trail Bike - Bicycle seat
OwnerJohn Bidwell
Owner's Other EVsMountain Bike
1987 Kawasaki Ninja 750
2004 Kawasaki KX125
2006 Schwinn LIPO HUB Conversion
LocationFort Collins, Colorado United States map
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Light-weight, High Performance
Motorcycle/Motorbike with multiple personalities
Motor Etec original Permanent Magnet DC
Pancake type brushed Perm Mag
DrivetrainChain drive with many sprocket ratio choices
using standard #40 chain
ControllerAlltrax AXE4834
Pulse Width Modulation 48 volt, 300 Amp with
programmable settings for ease of use or quick
response throttle, economy or power amp rates,
and settable voltage cut offs for battery
Batteries4 Turnigy 5000 milliamphr 6s 40C, 22.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
45 Volts x 10 amphrs using 2 modular battery

Bidwelldesign Custom battery modules 45 volts
X 5 amphrs from 2 Turnigy in series (~4 LBS
each) packaged in standard plastic cases (see
photo) that are removable from standard
aluminum mounting enclosures. Battery modules
can be quickly swapped with fresh pack and/or
easily removed for charging
System Voltage45 Volts
Charger Thunder AC6
Uses 2 6S balancing chargers in parallel for
fast charging of a standard battery module
DC/DC Converter None
Instrumentation"Cycle Analyst" trip computer (speed, miles,
amphrs, volts, wathrs, watthrs/mile, max amps,
min volts, max speed, avg speed)
Top Speed31 MPH (49 KPH)
Top speed is 33 mph with 12 tooth drive
sprocket and 72 tooth wheel sprocket.

Top speed can be changed to very slow for
Trial competition to 60+MPH with sprocket and
controller settings
AccelerationVery crisp easy wheelies or very tame for 1st
time users settable using different sprocket
rations,throttle ramps,and other controller
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
15 miles in economy mode using 2 modules. Carry
2 more modules in a backpack or saddle bags for
32 miles. Performance mode gives roughly 5 miles
per module
Watt Hours/Mile28 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:1,299 Miles (2,090 Kilometers)
Current:1,319 Miles (2,122 Kilometers)
Total:20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityNominally One, can seat 2 on motorcycle seat in
a pince
Curb Weight110 Pounds (49 Kilograms)
Minimum configuration of 1 battery module and a
bicycle seat weighs 110 LBS. Each additional
Battery module weighs 4 LBS and the motorcycle
seat adds about 9 LBS
Tires2.5 X 25 inch front downhill mountain bike tire
2.75 X 18 inch rear motorcycle tire
Conversion TimeAbout 2 months over about 8 years. Frame and
rolling chassis originally designed for KLX 110
internal combustion Engine that saw lots of
service on knarley Moab, Utah and Colorado
mountain trails
Conversion CostMotor - $450
Controller - $300
Battery module - $150
Chassis ~ $750
Additional FeaturesThis concept motorbike was designed to be very light but with
great suspension and good brakes.

An additional goal was to make a breakthrough in seat height
adjustment for a trail bike (29 inches to over 37 inches with the
motorcycle type seat.

Bicycle seats on a standard seat post have a great range of seat
heights and seat type options plus allow for the use of many
bicycle rack and saddlebag/basket options.

The ground clearance is adjusted with fork tube in triple clamp
positions and multiple shock mounting positions.

Foot pegs have multiple mounting hole positions forward and aft
including a very aft position for trials riding.

Slick has been registered in Colorado as a 30 MPH scooter/moped and
can navigate city traffic with speed and agility.

Slick has also proved its capability on very knarley trails because
of its power and very light weight.

Slick is looking forward to being ridden and tuned for motorcycle
trials competition. Slick weighs less than any other gas or electric
full-sized trials motorcycle.

The ability to quickly change seats and saddle bags on seats, and
seat height allows a high degree of flexibility for each ride and
different riders

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