Custom Laser Cut Dashbox
OwnerJohn Vidler
LocationLancaster, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle1987 Honda H100-S2
Bought off eBay, not my ideal donor bike, but
it was the one available, and I'm fairly
happy with how it's going so far.

Rated at 7kW according to the data plate, I'm
actually down-rating it a bit!
MotorAgni Motors LEM??? Permanent Magnet DC
I'm fairly sure that the motor I have is of
Agni-origins, but the supplier apparently
gets them from some other manufacturer, so I
don't know for certain.

The motor itself matches the mechanical
dimensions of another Agni, though, so I
assume they're using the same plans. Pretty
happy with it either way.

Rated as 48v, 5kW.
ControllerAlltrax SPM-48400
Actually a lot larger than I had anticipated,
but the bike has a bit of room so I can cram it
in somewhere. Still working out the final
Batteries8 Lucas, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
8x 12v AGM cells, in 4 packs of two to bump up
the cell Ah rating from 22 (per cell) to 44
(per pack).
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerCurtis 1622
... if I can get hold of one - finding a
charger in the UK is proving irritatingly
difficult. Currently topping up pairs of cells
with a 12v charger.
DC/DC Converter Unknown
48v-12v converter for 'normal' electrics
(lights,indicators,etc.) also feeding a 12v-5v
converter for ECU and other systems.
InstrumentationOriginal speedo/odometer combination gauge,
replaced tacho with an e-Xpert pro with a
prescaler for power output.
EV Miles
Start:32,039 Miles (51,550 Kilometers)
Current:32,039 Miles (51,550 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
    As of 11/26/2015
Seating Capacity1 adult, (2 if someone is brave enough)
TiresStock (currently)
Conversion TimeToo damn long!
Conversion CostTo darned much!
Additional FeaturesShooting for J1772 compliance, so charger
includes AVC2 and J1772 type-2 compatable
socket, so should work on a "real" charger, but
I haven't got to the stage where I can test
that yet!

code by jerry