LocationManly, New South Wales Australia map
Vehicle2001 Mazda Mazda Tribute
Simular to Ford Escape, the original Tribute
is a family car All wheel drive. The V6 and
Auto Gear are replaced with a smaller HPEVS
AC50 and manual Mazda 3 gearbox. The 12Kwh
Leaf batteries are underpowered (upgrade to
24kwh in progress), a power steering pump from
a Holden (07) and Saab power break pump.
MotorHPEVS AC50 single shaft 70HP 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainRear wheel driveshaft is now removed. I did
not need a 4-wheel/all
wheel drive car.
Car weight is reduced from 1590 kg to 1350 kg,
at least 50 by taking these shafts out and the
other part was the heavy V6 engine.
ControllerCurtis 1238-7501
Model - Curtis 1238-7501 controller 96 Volt 550
In 2018 the pins on Curtis side were worn, and
replaced. This is a big issue if it happens
causing uncontrolled behavior. Fixed now.
Batteries24 LEAF, 99.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Ah/serie of cell V/cell Cells
61 8.4 12 100.8
61 8.4 12 100.8
122 8.4 26 100.8

Pack is from Nissan Leaf and protected with
Batrium BMS.
Total weight of 26 pack is 99 kg. It is a
small 12 Kwh 101V battery protected by a
custom made fibre glass box.
System Voltage99 Volts
HeaterCeramic 1000W heater element. This runs on 96-
110V and draws
actual 750W. It is not very hot though but just
enough to pass
requirement. Airco is removed.
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
AccelerationI currently only use one gear (3rd) and reverse.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Not tested yet. Pending safety certificate
Upgrade in progress (expected 50 miles)
EV Miles
Start:93,000 Miles (149,637 Kilometers)
Current:93,018 Miles (149,665 Kilometers)
Total:18 Miles (28 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5
Curb Weight0
1350 kg
Conversion Time2.5 Year
Conversion Cost18,000 USD (to date) - in progress
+6,000 for upgrade to 24KWH
Additional Features1) Zeva Fuel Gauge driver = SoC on the original 'fuel meter'
2) USB programmer cable for Curtis. Awesome tool
3) RGB LED in use that connects to Batrium BMS for SoC
4) warning if external charge in progress; car won't start/drive

I had to revert the Hyundai Getz dash cluster back to comply with
road safety requirement. So I reverted the cluster back to original.
It resolved some issues such as seat belts and airbag signals.
Telemetry is not optimal due to gearbox conversion missing the speed
signals. workaround with standalone meter is build in.
The car failed for road worthy certificate. Minor Safety feature
certificate issues.
Fixed all minor things such as reverse light, high Beam light (failed
before conversion) and
some lose wiring.

I am member of AEVA.asn.au these guys helped me a lot wit this
conversion. And they still do...

If any questions feel free to contact me. See my website contact

code by jerry