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OwnerNathaniel Pearre
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia Canada map
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Vehicle1971 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV
Donor car had Chevette 1.6l & 3-speed auto swap
from P.O. That had to go.
Motor UQM PowerPhase Select 125 Brushless DC
125 kW, 300 Nm, 8000 rpm peak, 41 kg.
DrivetrainDirect Drive. 3.89 differential.
Controller UQM PowerPhase Select 125
240-420V, 16 kg, CAN or analogue input.
Batteries100 Lichen 115 Ah, 3.15 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
7s7p modules. 49s in front box, 51s in rear.
System Voltage315 Volts
Charger Thunderstruck TSM2500
Additionally attempting to run CHAdeMO through
the Orion II BMS, which is theoretically almost
plug & play.
DC/DC ConverterElcon TDC-320-12
Input 220-450V to 12V, 1500W output.
InstrumentationAnalogue dial SoC gauge + dial look GPS
speedometer. Tablet onboard for diagnostics.
Top Speed124 MPH (199 KPH)
Motor/Controller won't be delivering peak power
(125 kW) until about 80 mph. According to our
(crude) analysis it should be gearing limited at
8000 rpm, not power limited.
AccelerationAbout 7s 0-100kph time. Motor torque is similar
to stock engine torque peak in 1st gear, and
that will hold constant up to ~40 mph.
Range140 Miles (225 Kilometers)
Back of the envelope, based on 37 kWh, 6
km/kWh (about what others E-Spits are getting).
May be better due to direct drive, may be worse
due to weight.
Watt Hours/Mile260 Wh/Mile
Assume about the same as other Spits.
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,140 Pounds (972 Kilograms)
Weight with almost all components in place or in
car. Very light frame/body, no frills or
creature comforts, but quite a lot of battery.
Tires175/70 R13. May go to smaller diameter to
increase acceleration.
Conversion Time14 months so far.
Conversion CostGetting motor, controller, and batteries for
free. Cheap non-running donor. $10k in.

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