Owner's Other EVs1974 Volkswagen Beetle
2002 Peugeot 106 Electrique
1973 Volkswagen Beetle
LocationZagreb, Zagreb Croatia (Hrvatska) map
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Vehicle2017 Renault ZE 40
Factory build EV
Motor R90
Renault developed permanent magnet synchronous
DrivetrainFWD, automatic
Batteries192, 3.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
LG Chem batteries with 63.35 Ah nominal capacity
System Voltage400 Volts
HeaterAir condition
Top Speed84 MPH (135 KPH)
Have not tried yet
Range156 Miles (251 Kilometers)
2019-11-23 After first drive I got range of
about 250km (in the winter)

2023-Mar Range during winter time with temperatures bellow zero degrees Celsius dropped to 200 km at best.
Watt Hours/Mile23 Wh/Mile
2019-Nov: consumption in so far mild winter is
147 Wh/km
EV Miles
Start:10,861 Miles (17,475 Kilometers)
Current:32,078 Miles (51,613 Kilometers)
Total:21,217 Miles (34,138 Kilometers)
    As of 3/13/2023
Seating Capacity5
Curb Weight3,263 Pounds (1,483 Kilograms)
Car was purchased as second hand and it is driven in Sweden.

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