OwnerMark Smith
Owner's Other EVs2021 CycleBoard Elite Pro
2012 Organic Transit Naked ELF 2FR
2014 Optibike Helia
2019 Segway-Ninebot GoKart
2012 HCF 301 Scooter
2018 GoMonster HoverKart
2018 Hoverseat XL Kit
LocationHillsborough, North Carolina United States map
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Vehicle2007 Optibike 600
One of the original Optibike ebikes, S/N 10,
which eventually became the more popular
Optibike R series.
MotorOptibike Brushless DC
The electric drive train is a custom 600w geared
DC mid-drive motor. The steel gears in this
motor are noisier than most ebikes on the road
after 2012.
DrivetrainHuman power is delivered from a bicycle crank
via chain to an 8 speed SRAM hub. The 600W
electric motor uses an integrated freewheel in
the bottom bracket with attached pedal arms
and delivers power to the rear wheel on the
same front sprocket as the pedals.
Custom controller with charge controller
Batteries37.00 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
Custom internal frame battery pack. Optional
external frame mount battery pack was available
until ~2014.
System Voltage37 Volts
ChargerHigh Power 37V 3A
Top Speed33 MPH (53 KPH)
In 8th gear heavily pedaling, full throttle,
slight downhill to radar speed sign.
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
This is another Light EV we have never taken
more than 25 mi from home base. The
combination of internal battery pack and an
external battery pack hold up for 40 mi each
way! Pretty fully spent, RED LED blinking, at
end. We avoid discharge to more than 25% if
Watt Hours/Mile14 Wh/Mile
On our longest trips, we were able to average
about 40 miles before recharging the 36v 14ah
battery pack. As an ebike, this is very
dependent upon terrain. We will setup a trial on
a running track to test electric only range.
Curb Weight55 Pounds (24 Kilograms)
Without the spare battery pack or any rack,
this ebike is right at 55lb. With the external
battery pack the total weight is 68lb.
Additional FeaturesOptional: a 13lb extended range external battery pack was available
until ~2014. We obtained a refreshed external pack and it increased
the range from typical 40mi to over 70mi. The external pack replaces
the rear fender on this or our 2014 Optibike 600.
This Optibike was off the road for several years in a garage. The
owner had lost the manual and did not know how to deal with the
apparently dead NiMH batteries. With a great deal of time spent using
Semi Automated Battery Testers, we were able to restore the batteries
to ~75% of original capacity.

In 2020, 13 years after deployed, the measured charging capacity of
these batteries is 70% of original capacity!

A Triad EV Association (TEVAnc.org) member Light EV (LEV).

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