OwnerChris Gosch
LocationToronto, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle1982 Suzuki RM 250
Found this classic on a classified ad for
free, photo showed the back wheel sticking
out of 6ft weeds and trees growing up thru
it. Spent 10yrs behind a shed, with engine
removed. Tires cracked, all plastics
rotted off, even throttle and that section
of handlebar fell to pieces.
Motor Brushless DC
Drivetrain2000w qs hubmotor
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile1 Wh/Mile
Tires21" Kenda trakmaster front, 16" kenda
mud/snow rear
Conversion Time3yrs of riding garbage ebikes with boiled
batteries, and atleast a year of repairs
between rides, love my bikes more than
Conversion CostFree bike dragged from a backyard, 360$
for a used hubmotor, thousands in
batteries, 6 × 32ah sla originally,
changed to li ion, first $1000 battery
burst into flames, lifepo4 now, only
another 1200

code by jerry