OwnerJeff Simpson
(former owner, EV has been sold)
Locationsomewhere in, Kansas United States map
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Vehicle1996 Chevrolet S-10
MotorAzure Dynamics/Solectria ac20gtx 3-Phase AC
Drivetrainsingle speed gearbox to drive shaft
ControllerBrusa AMC320
two controllers
Batteries24 8G24, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerAzure Dynamics/Solectria BC-3300
120/240 VAC input
Heaterceramic element
DC/DC ConverterAzure Dynamics/Solectria
InstrumentationVoltmeter and Ammeter plus Amp-hour meter
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Accelerationgood acceleration capability
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
at 45 mph
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight3,900 Pounds (1,772 Kilograms)
Tires205/75R15 Tigerpaws
Additional Featuresair conditioning
heater with preheat
power steering
power brakes

code by jerry