Elecric Mountainboard 3
OwnerStuart McCloud
Owner's Other EVTrike
LocationSouthampton, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle Exit Mountainboard
Bog standard bottom of the range mountainboard with steel trucks
Motor Permanent Magnet DC
E36 500 watt motor from Junked electric scooter, 19 Amp 36v, but now running on 48-50 volts
Drivetrain#25 Chain Drive from junked electric scooter
unknown controller of unknown power range found in a 4 wheel granny cart at the scrap yard
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
System Voltage48 Volts
Heaterif you spin the back wheel, you can warm your hands on the tyre
Top Speed15 MPH (24 KPH)
gearing restricts it to 15 mph, but wheelspins in the dry for the first 2 metres
Accelerationrapid enough to be damn scary at fool throttle
Range5 Miles ( 8 Kilometers)
not fully tested over long distance, managed approx 5 miles with a drop of 2 volts
Seating Capacity1 standing, unless you're in some sort of display team
Curb Weight30 Pounds (13 Kilograms)
Tires8 inch mountainboard wheels and tyres
Conversion Time5-6 hours
Conversion Cost50 gbp
most parts free
Additional Featuresregen braking and freewheel, for maximum energy saving
reverse available for those tricky sections
A mounting was engineered to mount the 65 tooth rear sprocket to the drive wheel this is driven by the 12 tooth cog on the motor. A motor mounting bracket was fashioned and welded to the bottom of the rear truck, so the motor tilts with the truck.

Cable controlled throttle via a bike brake lever and plunger pot with a small contact switch on the control lever to flick to reverse which also serves as the brake

code by jerry