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Vehicle2006 X-900
MotorJX Motor Co., LTD MY1080 Permanent Magnet DC
Shaft is 8 mm with dual D bore. Sprockets are hard to find for this motor.

This is a chinese motor similar to the MY1020 motors you can buy off ebay from TNC Scooters. Its internal resistance has been measured (not by me) to be .14 ohms. The nameplate rating reads:
Voltage: 36VDC Rated Speed: 2600 rpm
Rated Current: 33A Output: 900W

The calculated max output is about 2300 watts (@ 50% eff) with a 0 ohm power source at 36V. If run at 48V this would go up to about 4100(@ 50% eff)! The nameplate efficiency is about 76% efficient. Since I draw an avg. of about 12 amps the avg. efficiency for my application should be about 86%.

I've disassembled this motor to find the brushes with a taper cut, for what reason I do not know. This means they need to wear in about .1 inches from new to get full contact.

The no-load current has been measured to be about 1.2 amps. It drops to about .85 amps after the motor warms up.
Drivetrain13T motor sprocket w/8mm pitch chain driving a 54T sprocket. The 54T sprocket is secured to a freewheeling mechanism which makes for great coasting.
ControllerNavitas TSP100-36
This is the replacement for the stock junk controller that could not handle enough power and cut back due to overheating.

Very rugged and beefy scooter controller. I've measured it to pull 140 battery amps max (for about .25 sec). Very imperssive given its rated for 100 amps peak. I've only had it cut out once on my scooter when I was trying to tow a 1,000 pound golf cart. It seems to work fine with a 35 amp fuse. I've heard of it blowing a 30 amp fuse.

This controller doesn't have low voltage cut out, so be careful not to drain your batteries dead as this can reverse a cell.

I recommend mounting it thermally coupled somehow to your scooter frame if possible. Otherwise it might be a good idea to install a small fan to blow air across it if it will be mounted in an enclosure. It can be gotten from the ebay seller suncoastevo here: WebPage . Can also be found from WebPage
Batteries3 Enduring CB 12-12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
I think the Schwinn and Currie 1000 watt models use this brand. The specs can be found here: WebPage target="_blank">WebPage I'm impressed with these batteries. They maintain above 35V throughout my 6 mile commute with the scooter. They have been tested to drop to ~33v with >100A load.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger HG6S360160
Nameplate reads:
Class 2 Power Supply
INPUT: AC 100-240 V ~
50/60 Hz 1.2A

For 36V Lead-acid battery only
Indoor use only

This charger is not very efficient and gets hot. The open circuit voltage is about 41.4 volts so it shouldn't damage the batteries if left on for longer than needed. The little indicator light is red when charging and turns green when done.

I plan to replace this with a 36V Soneil Model 3610SRF for fast charging available from WebPage . I figure this should reduce charging time to about 2 hours for a 0-100% charge.
HeaterPulling the curves tight at 20 mph gets the blood flowing!
Instrumentation0-500 amp Westach w/250 amp shunt (reads double the real amps)

0-100 VDC Westach

These are for my motorcycle project so are only temporary.
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
I measured it to go 22 mph one way and 20 back the other way but this was not a very accurate check (w/motorcycle speedo).
AccelerationAround 3 seconds.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Average speed w/not too many stops is about 16 mph. I get about 30 minutes. A little longer if I go to completely dead. My weight is 140 lbs and I generally carry a small pack. I pull hard from stops and generally keep the throttle pinned especially up steep hills. More range could be gotten by conserving especially when hitting the hills.
Watt Hours/Mile27 Wh/Mile
This is a good guess. The batteries seem to retain about 12 ah at the 1/2 hour rate when drained to about 10 volts. This means I get about 36v * 12ah = 432 watts/2 = 216 whrs with an 8 mile range.
EV Miles
Current:50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
    As of 6/25/2006
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight70 Pounds (31 Kilograms)
This is a little much for the junk aluminum wheels. The front wheel popped to pieces once and needed replacement, but to be fair I hit a depression hard and the tire was overinflated to 65 psi. It should not be above 40 psi.
Tires10" x 3.00"-4" Chinese, fairly thick and sturdy. Compound seems to wear quick, especially when spinning the rear tire ;)
Conversion TimeAbout 50 hours to fix up.
Conversion CostBase scooter w/shipping: $300
Replacement controller: $96
Tube liner (to prevent flatts): $20
Spare 35A fuses: $3
Wiring/connectors: $10
Spare tubes: $20
Rear view mirror: $5
Chrome valve stem caps: $2
Rear light: $10
Front light: $10
Replacement fork bearings: $20
3-pin inline plug for VM: $4
Spare wheel bearings: $6
Speedometer (waiting for arrival): $20

Rough total: $526
Additional FeaturesPlan to attach a bike rack to seat post. Might consider wiring up the lights for the instrumentation but I think I'm getting ridiculous. The chain was lubed with chain wax and is nice and quiet now! The tires were almost flat proofed with tube liner. Unfortunately the stock F tube was so cheap it got a leak (didn't nead anything poking in). The tubes from WebPage are good quality replacements.

Rear view mirror really helps a lot.

Seat is adult sized, and has springs.
This is a Chinese junk scooter that is similar to the X-500 scooter made by X-treme WebPage These scooters are of poor quality and have very poor quality control. If you read through my review you will find that I went through just about everything. The stock controller was junk and couldn't handle enough power. The stock wiring was very poor and the motor wires would of shorted to the frame. The manufacturer claims of speed/range are off as expected unless you weigh about 50 lbs.

After a lot of elbow grease I've got a decent commuter. It pulls up the hills decently. I have plans to possibly add 3 12v 7ah batteries for more range which would be mounted above the deck.

I do not recommend buying a cheap scooter such as this. Most all the manufacturer claims are BS. I don't think any of the X-tremem or Chinese clones will meet the advertised claims of range or speed. In addition almost every part is junk and will break after about 2 hours of use. Okay maybe this is an exaggeration, make it right out of the box. A lot of work and fabrication is required to get a scooter like this worthy of providing reliable transportation. I recommend a Schwinn, Izip, Mongoose, Currie, or some other reputable brand that stores actually carry. What is worse is some parts don't have to break, they come pre-broken or unsuitable like my fork bearing bolts with the wrong thread.

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