OwnerRob Neighbour
LocationWashington, District of Columbia United States map
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Vehicle1984 Pontiac Fiero SE
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainOriginal 4 speed transmission
ControllerCurtis 1231C
Batteries20 US Battery 2300, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerK and W BC-20
120 VAC on-board
Heaternone yet, and I could use one, too!
DC/DC ConverterSevcon
128 Volt 12 Amp
Instrumentationa) Tach
b) Pack Voltage
c) Pack Amps
d) 12 Volt Amps
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
so far
Range70 Miles (112 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight3,600 Pounds (1,636 Kilograms)
TiresBridgestone high pressure tires, BT-70S,; 195-65 R 14, on BBS wheels.
Additional FeaturesPower Disc Brakes
When purchased already converted in 1999, the car did 55 miles on 4 year old batteries with an EV novice(me) driving. One year later, it was doing 42 miles to 20% SOC, with 5 years on the Trojans. Future projects include a heater, 2 fans and a huge heat sink for the Curtis, a better location for, and better EV gauges, a stereo, and new upholstery for the driver's side.

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