1000 Watt 3/4 Scale Electric Voiturette
OwnerIan Hopper
Owner's Other EVsMini Garden Tractor
Kid's Tilting Scooter
LocationGlasgow, Scotland United Kingdom map
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Vehicle2006 N/A
3/4 Scale approximate reproduction of 1898 Renault/Argyll Voiturette - but electrically powered.
MotorUnite Motor MY1020 Permanent Magnet DC
I used 2 x 1000W 36V Motors running at 24V to give 660W each, however 2 x 500W motors would probably do.
Drivetrain2 stage double reduction roller chain transmission - very quiet.
Controller4QD 4QD-150-24/36
150Amp 4 Quadrant Controller
Batteries4 38Ah Lead Acid Cyclics, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
4 x 12 V units wired for 24V - standard 38Ah size.
System Voltage24 Volts
12V Mulitmode leisure charger - not onboard - any would do really.
HeaterWooly Jumper
InstrumentationCycle computer
Top Speed15 MPH (24 KPH)
AccelerationQuick - best with slowish acceleration ramp though - it needs to be driven carefully.
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Runs for 2 hours +, but depends on load and driving conditions.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight260 Pounds (118 Kilograms)
Estimated - my scales are broken - half of this is the battery weight.
TiresBike trails/mountain wide tyres
Additional FeaturesRear wheels driven mechanically independently by their own motor - for good differential action on turning. Double stage reduction chain transmission, front disc brakes, front and rear suspension, forward & reverse drive. Tiller steering (ackerman geometry at the business end)
Designed and built from scratch. Is a 3/4 sized repro of a 1896 Renault/Argyll voiturette - one of the first cars with direct drive via gearbox. Great fun to drive. This version has about 1300W available from the motors but 1000W would probably be sufficient for a slightly slower version.

code by jerry