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OwnerGerald Morris
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Vehicle2004 eGO eGO 2 Classic
The eGO 2 bike is the top of the class of Light Electric Scooters. (As of 10/1/2004) Pure 24 VDC powered, the eGO 2 is legally considered a bicycle in some states, a "moped" (despite the absence of pedals) in others. The elegant, aircraft aluminum frame, solid state controller and sturdy motor all contribute to a superb ride.
MotoreGO Made to spec for eGO Vehicles in U.S.A. Permanent Magnet DC
24 VDC 1.5 kW continuous duty, 4.2 kW peak power permanent magnet, double wound armature, brushed (4) motor. Armature cheaply constructed, as experience has proven. Windings were left UNDIPPED, encouraging short circuiting and commutator poorly made. Commutator disintegrated with normal use. Had to have armature rewound, new commutator installed AND had the windings properly dipped this time! Total cost of armature rewind, dip and new commutator came to a mere $70.00! (Much cheaper than dubious new motor from eGO Vehicles) Motor NOW delivers more torque than it did when new from dealer.
DrivetrainDouble tooth HTD belted direct drive with first pulley as reducer from motor turning the second, drive pulley to the rear wheel. Motor is constantly engaged, assuring regenerative, dynamic braking, thus optimizing power retention. As advertized, and when the pulleys are in good shape, the drive train was truly "whisper quiet." Now chatters and squeals in old age. Still quiet compared to chain drives.
Controller n/a
sealed, solid state, set to regulate motor power ~1.99 HP (1.5 kW) In house cheap shit controller, substituted for the Sevcon Millipak by eGO
Batteries2 sealed, AGM, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
batteries are configured in pairs of 12 V in series for 24 VDC total to motor controller. Main batteries are 34 A*hr, auxiliary @ 20 A*hr.
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger in house
5 A inboard smart charger, 100-250 VAC 50-60 Hz input, 24 VDC output
DC/DC Converter N/A
Instrumentationbuilt in charge indicator, headlight.
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
24 mph for 150 lb. passenger on level ground according to dealer. In fact, I got ~27 mph and weigh 170 lbs. 18 mph @ 15% grade. After replacing the primary cheap plastic drive pulley with a good aluminum one with 7 more teeth, on the rewound, improved armature, I now get 30 mph or a little more. The basic motor size is fine, it just requires better quality workmanship.
Acceleration33 ft./s^2
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
~25 mi in power conserving "go far" mode with inboard battery only. Range extended proportional to size of auxillary batteries vs excess weight. Range w 20 A*hr. battery ~ 40 mi or 159% of original range.
Watt Hours/Mile32 Wh/Mile
Estimates assume 24 VDC system voltage and full 54 A*hr of charge with 40 mi effective range w average power of 750 W expended by motor,
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1
Curb Weight130 Pounds (59 Kilograms)
130 lbs with onboard battery. Add 20-30 lbs more for suitable auxillaries
Tires20" 100 psi
Conversion TimeN/A
Conversion Cost~$1200.00
Additional FeaturesDisk brake on front, Shimano caliper brake on rear + dynamic braking from motor. BIG COMFORTABLE seat, which has held up REMARKABLY WELL FOR 3 YEARS OF ALMOST DAILY USE! (Maybe the most reliable and durable part of the bike, along with the body itself.) Dual sprung/shock absorbed front fork suspension plus shock absorber seatpost for more comfort. Excellent LED rear brake/tail light. Front headlight powerful, but too much draw on batteries for long-term night use. I recommend LED headlight(s) as replacement. Plenty options can be odered from eGO Vehicle, if one is willing to pay their price.
Shitty attitude from eGO's so-called support rep, Kevin Kazlauskas. Many of the components clearly are installed with minimal production cost, maximum short-term profit in mind. I had to have the motor armature re-wound AND dipped after the commutator DISINTEGRATED! No help from kevin-boy over this kind of chickenshit either. Very dodgy. no longer can recommend this company, though I've got good use from the product after considerable after-market improvements at my own expense. the controller is grossly inferior to the Sevcon Millipak it is meant to replace, doubtless for a fraction of the cost to eGO Vehicles. Also, the 20" bicycle tires are inherently just below being adequate to support any serious use. Even with the specified tires, the rear tire blows with extreme frequency. A wider rim, allowig more surface area to distribute the weight and normal force of the pavement over, would solve this problem, but this entails a complete redesign of the aluminum frame. May eventually convert to a trike rear axle which can be bolted on. Also, don't expect support when the inherently soft, extremely inadequate plastic/fiberglass promary drive timing belt cog FAILS MISERABLY DUE TO IT'S INADEQUACY!! Same for the soft aluminum secondary drive belt, which will be replaced w #25 chain drive as budget permits. Given the price increases in the last year and the poor attitude now shown by their NON-support, this company no longer can be recommended, despite what was originally a fine product, prior to the company being "leveraged" away from the product's original inventor.

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